Fructis Pure Clean Smoothing Cream

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Ivelisse F.
A Must Have For Frizzy Hair

Okay so my hair is like..a frizz ball without this. And the great thing is I don't even need to put a lot at a time! It smells great and doesn't leave any discharge behind.

Michelle G.
I like it! :)

This cream is nice, it works. I put it on before i comb my hair, (has to be on wet hair) and when my hair dries overnight, in the morning, I have no frizz in my hair! :) At school throughtout the day my waves tend to fall out and they are sort of frizzy, not alot though, so it works throughout the day, and I have gym at school so if you are an older person or you dont have gym at school, this will probably keep your hair frizz free all day!

I do have one down side though: DONT put too much of this in your hair b/c then when your hair dries you can feel the product in your hair, and its kinda annoying and nasty. But to solve that, just dont put to much of it in your hair! less is more :) lol So besides that, it is a good working, inexpensive product.