Soy Face Cream


Natasha R.
I like this product ..

I use this product daily. I love how fresh and clean it makes my skin feel.

I have dry skin & I wish it was more moisturizing but I usually apply this cream first then my NARS tinted moisturizer.

Together its just PERFECT!

Caitlyn M.
The smell!!!

I bought the Fresh Soy facial wash and it came with a small sample of the face cream. Now granted, I waited a few months to use the cream because I had a moisturizer I was already using at the time, but when I ran out of that and tried this for the first time a few days ago.... Oh my gosh! It smells awful! It took a while to get rid of the smell on my hands and I finally had to take some body lotion and dab it on my face so I didn't get whiffs of it. I know Fresh uses all natural stuff and it even took a little getting used to with the facial wash but literally, the cream smells like feet. It's nasty and I will not be purchasing this ever!

Lisa K.
Expensive and not very healthy!

Check out this review of Fresh Soy Skincare -

This product gets a hazard rating of 7 out of 10!

Did you know that RETINYL PALMITATE (VITAMIN A PALMITATE) can cause: Cancer, Developmental/reproductive toxicity, Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive), Biochemical or cellular level changes?