Foxy Locks Extensions

Deluxe Clip In Hair Extensions (160 grams)


Sam T.
amazing !!

i have them since two years now , the first year i wore them everyday , so today some of the clips are a bit loose ! but i still love and wear them as possible as i can , not in the summer because it's too annoying and hot for me , at night ok

i have a jet black set , the heaviest 160 grams and it's very very shiny ,smooth , I LOVE THEM

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Stephanie L.
Waste of money

I ordered Foxy Locks based on the reviews once before and they were great. But I ordered more for me along with three of my bridesmaids for my wedding. My set was too light for my hair but they made the ombré effect so I kept them up until my wedding. For the first week they were soft and thick but after I washed them the fall out was awful! I couldn't wear them in public because it went everywhere. Two of the girls had the same problem. The other thing I noticed was on half of the wefts you could see where some hair stopped half way down the shaft, as if two different lengths were combined. We ALL also noticed thick brown/ black thread mixed in the hair and what seemed like synthetic pieces that would shrivel with heat Then to top it off I colored them a little darker... The hair turned to moosh! NEVER in all my years of working with hair extensions has this happened. We all ended up ordering from another company.

*I only had these extensions for two months and only wore them once or twice a week. I tried deep conditioners and let them air dry. There was nothing on my end that would have caused this.

When I contacted the company they were rude, as if to say "how dare you not like my product". I wasn't asking for a refund or to exchange the product, I just wanted to let them know I had a bad experience so they could improve their hair quality. I will never order them again. $800 down the drain plus the cost of the new sets!

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Kamara B.

I absolutely love my extensions from this brand, the girl who runs this is awesome for making such great prices for extensions, and they're such great quality, I can't wait til the new colour comes out which will match my hair when it's the most ashiest! I LOVE MINE! Great quality, quantity, and price! xxxx

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tg t.
Terrible customer service.

Here's the deal. I ordered my first set of these 2 years ago in black, and I still have them. They're still in great shape! They're pretty decent, though they don't hold curl very well. The texture is very obviously Indian - each strand is very thick and doesn't match my finer texture. They haven't shed very much at all, and I still wear them all the time!

HOWEVER. I loved them so much that I ordered another set when I went blonde and it was TERRIBLE. They were absolutely fried, curly when wet, got split ends in like 2 days, then within a month of wear, you could easily read a book through them, and chunks of hair were breaking off so that the actual wefts looked "patchy".

I sent in an email about my set possibly being defective, to which the owner (Imogen) never replied to. So from there, I left a few bad comments on some of her videos warning people about the disappointment, to which she DELETED. Its not even that she didn't approve them, its that they were on there, got replies, then she deleted them. I shot her a message on Youtube to which she replied quite rudely. She said she's busy and successful so she doesn't have time to delete Youtube comments (yeah right -- why are all the comments on her channel compliments?) and that if I wanted to be professional I could email her..... Again.

I did, she never replied, I never got my money back. I loved my first set but I will never be buying anything from that lady ever again.

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Kiera T.
Best clip in hair extensions

The best clip in hair extensions I have tried is "My Fantasy Hair". I've been a stylist for about 6 years, and tried several brands on me and my clients. This brand used to be okay, but I tried My Fantasy Hair the last time, and they are wonderful. They're really thick and I haven't found anything wrong with them yet. I recommend them above any other there is. I have tried great clip ins before, but nothing like these. If you're new to clip in hair, you will really love these.

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Sarah B.
Beautiful thick hair

I got the superior set (230g) in chestnut brown. When they arrived they looked more like a dark blonde than a light brown so I was worried they wouldn't match my hair but low and behold when I clipped them in they looked a perfect match! They are double wefted for added thickness and 100% remy human hair so felt fabulously soft and silky and still are two months later! As I have a long bob blunt haircut I had to layer the extensions so they blended well. Overall I found these extensions the best out of the many I have tried over the years and will continue to purchase at this reasonable price. Love love love them!

Destiny  A.
These are really great extensions!!

I had extensions from hair and they didn't last long and were terrible. These are soft and thick so they match my very thick hair perfectly! They have helped me grow out my hair easier and it's amazing 👍

Lauren H.
Best hair extensions for this price.

I always buy 16" inch extensions from Halo hair extensions. Which cost me like £40, as my hair is just above my shoulders in length. So having shorter layers make the hair look LOADS more natural. For £78 pound, the deluxe set is amazing, the weight of the hair is great, 160 grams is almost 4 times the standard weight. Look after the hair extensions, and they won't split, or break off. They're natural human hair - so if you straighten/ dye them/ curl them/ wash them 24/7 they are going to begin to look fine, and damaged. I would recommend these to anyone, and I have been wearing extensions for 6 years! These are the best yet, by far.

Ang v.
best i ever had!!

I had an amazing experience with foxy locks extensions!! Loved em!! Clips were comfortable and would stay in place, good amount of hair and matched my hair perfectly (: def. Recommend them!!

Stephanie H.
Amazing Extensions!
Photo of product included with review by Stephanie H.

I have had my Foxy Locks extensions for a year and they are just are gorgeous and beautiful as the first day I got them. They came with so much hair I had to cut and color them. It is such a wonderful investmet. I will be ordering more just to have as back ups of one set for curling and one set for wearing straight. They give you such gorgeous, volumized hair!