Love & Beauty by Forever 21

Nail Polish


Rebekah W.
Photo of product included with review by Rebekah W.

I love it! It's a good price and A LOT of colors. It says to apply 2-3 coats but I ended up applying 4 and then it showed really well. Anyway, I recommend this for anyone! Here's what it looks like ( btw, I'm wearing Jet and it was 2.80)

Emily W.
Nice selection of colors!

I saw these right after they rolled out at the F21 in my area and found a color that I had never seen before anywhere else (a sort of bronze/purple/burgundy holographic that looked stunning in the bottle). The polish applied smoothly and was opaque in two coats without being streaky. Average dry time. Color was a little darker on the nail than in the bottle, but still a gorgeous vampy color that I adore. Will definitely pick up more colors next time I go shopping!

Lisa S.
Great for the price!

I purchased three of these, and one in a great nude color and I wore it for two days and it didn't chip or anything. I will definitely go back and buy more!

Fernanda H.

I love F21 and bought the polish as an impulse. Neon yellow really popped out to me. I used it as a base coat for a newspaper mani and it turned out fine. It has a matte finish, but since it's so streaky, I opted for a shiny topcoat over my mani. It chipped after 2 days, which is about average for me. All in all, for the price, it was a good polish. Next time I'm in F21, I will definitely buy another.

Tracey P.
It's Really not all that much

It's good for the pricing Didnt expect better or worst just good. Try alot of nail polish and This makes my top 5 I would Recommend this to people .

Sarah L.
Not bad for the price.

I have about ten different colors. Some of them are excellent and I wear them all the time. While some of them are very sheer and I can never get a good consistent color out of them. They all seem to lack shine so they need to be paired with a top coat. They usually don't last very long either.

Jackie V.
Wasn't expecting it to be nice

I usually don't buy nail polishes from fashion stores, but when I was in forever 21 I picked up a black polish. I didn't expect much, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was thicker and nicer than my black polish from sally hansen's complete manicure collection. I would warn that if you are picking up the black, it looks different when you put it on your nails. I didn't realize that it had sparkles and that it was a little lighter than black black. But even without knowing this, I ended up loving the color and use it whenever I need black C:

Sherry W.

I like to try out a lot of different nail polishes from expensive to "cheap" Forever 21's Love and Beauty has such a wide variety of colors I love them. I like the simple packaging that makes the colors pop. They usually take 3 coats, but most nail polishes do. I don't think they chip easily either, unless you are a dishwasher 7 days a week at work and at home I don't think you are gonna have trouble with chipping.

Nhi N.

For such a cheap price of $2.80, this nail polish is quite amazing!! I am not afraid to say that I am a bargain hunter. Out of all the cheap nail polishes I've bought, I truly believe that Love and Beauty is the BEST. I love the fact that this nail polish provides cheapness and quality at the same time.

Delaney B.
Good considering it's Forever 21

This polish isn't the best, but for the price, it's usable. You have to do a few coats, and put on a top coat to make sure it doesn't chip off the nails. And for me, it can kind of turn watery fast so shake the bottle before applying.