Everyday Minerals

Intensive Base


Jacqueline L.
Good Coverage

I've tried Bare Minerals in both the original and matte formula and they cannot compare to EM's intensive base. Although Bare Minerals is a much more finely milled than EM, it doesn't provide as much coverage. The intensive formula provides the most coverage of EM's formulas. What I also noticed is that EM's intensive formula tends to be darker than their original glo, semi-matte, and matte. My face tends to get pretty oily 3-4 hours after applying, whereas with BM, my face gets oily within an hour or two. Another thing I love about EM is that I get my money's worth. There is about the same amount of product in each full sized foundation for both brands, but EM costs $12 and BM costs $25-28 (depending on the formula - original or matte). Another difference that may make or break one's decision to choose EM is that it doesn't contain SPF, whereas BM contains SPF 15. This isn't a big deal for me because I put on a moisturizer with SPF before applying my foundation. Overall, I love EM's foundation. I have been using it for 4-5 years now and it hasn't failed me!

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Emily L.
love it

i have hard to match fair but olive toned skin, by mixing the free samples that came i got a perfect color... it's light and you can choose if you like matte, semi matte or "glow" which is shimmery... great product

Jaqulyn M.

I found out about EM last week on twitter from beautylish. I placed my order for my free sample base kit and received the kit a few days later. The intensive base was my favorite! My skin looks flawless and I feel like I am not wearing anything on my face! I have oily skin and have the hardest time finding products that will last on my face. Definitely a must if you have oily skin! I am recommending EM to all my friends and I can't wait to try more products from EM! :)

Emily S.
Great, affordable mineral line

Since I have become pregnant, my skin has been very oily. When I first tried Everyday Minerals, I found that it was drying on my skin. It currently provides the perfect amount of coverage for my face, while controlling my oily skin. I love how well it matches my skin tone as well. Normally, my skin reacts to mineral makeup by making it itch. This has not caused me any irritation. Highly reccomended!

Aimee C.

I got this to try since my friend was ranting and raving about it (Chris D. in the vid above) so I decided to order some. I'm not a huge fan of powers cause I in general just really love liquid foundation. But I do like to use this if I'm in a super hurry for some easy quick coverage :)