Estée Lauder

Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick


Vicki M.
Maybe God would have spared Eve if she wore Forbidden Apple Pure Color Lipstick!!!

In years past Estee Lauder was your grandmother's line!! But, ever since Lauder hired French runway makeup artist Tom Pecheux, the line has achieved an unexpected sophisticated glamour and cred among fashionistas. Case in point, the new red lipstick called Pure Color in Forbidden Apple for the Holiday 2012/Winter 2013. It is a beautiful cherry red with a subtle luminous shimmer. And, of course, the hidden secret is that this shades made my teeth seem whiter - the sign of a perfect red. His recent color stories (in shades of blue, and purple) seem retro 70s and 80s mixed with a fashion forward, chic, sexy factor. A definite five star rating for Makeup Artist Tom Pecheux's designs.

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Joanne Mariel C.

I only have Estee Lauder makeup because my aunt and mom always gives me a set during occasions and I must say that my favorite in the set are always the lipsticks. I love how rich, creamy and smooth the lipsticks are and how they could coat even the ridges of my lips. I've tried a lot of lipsticks and I could not name a single other brand that could come as close to this. My favorite Estee Lauder lip color would be Rose Tea and for my perfect red lips would be Maraschino.

Munirah C.
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Long-lasting lipstick may be known to dry out the lips. But not this! Easy application, pigmented and indeed, long-lasting! It stays on my lips for atleast 7 hours. I can't believe for as long as 7 hours, i didn't have to touch it up. They have amazing colours too! I'm gonna get more of them!

Dani V.

I took / stole it form my mom's makeup bag. It is a good colour and the lipstick last a little bit longer than others. You can feel the colour in your lips. It is kind of heavy lipstick.