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DayWear BB Cream

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S J.
Must Buy For Beauty Addicts

This BB Cream is unlike any other. It protects, perfects, and moisturizers all in one! I tried it on at work as soon as it came in and i fell in love. It's 38 dollars, a little pricey for a moisturizer, but you can eliminate the use of a foundation! Every morning I wash my face and then put this on like it was a plain moisturizer. If I need extra coverage I just put a little concealer on over top and set it with my powder. It's the perfect product for girls who don't like to spend a lot of time in the morning doing their makeup or like to focus more on their eye makeup like me :)

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Christina E.
Works for Everything, Everyday

This is absolutely perfect. It has SPF, tint, antioxidants, moisturizers, and works as a foundation or primer; everything in one. I put this on after my moisturizer EVERY DAY, whether I wear foundation or not. It goes on smoothly and takes a very little amount to cover my whole face. I have acne, acne scars, and redness from blemishes - this does an amazing job covering those and giving me an even skin tone. It also helps my foundation look more uniform as well. It makes my skin feel great! I did notice that if I have dry spots it becomes very easy for this product to "pill" and roll off so I make sure to moisturize a lot in those spots. Other than that, this product is totally worth it regardless of price. I've gotten compliments on my skin wearing this alone and remember I have a lot of acne! I am a 3 and use Medium... I'd recommend Medium for anyone that is a 2 or greater.

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Alletta F.

Best BB I've tried; I wear it almost every day. My sensitive skin tolerates it just fine. Easy to apply, and it works fine with my cool undertone. It doesn't over-cover, it just makes your skin look better. During the whole day, I might add. I just wish Estee Lauder would lay off the animals; if I can find a good cruelty-free alternative I'm switching.

EDIT: Sadly the SPF 35 is a bit too much for my skin type 3 having to deal with Northern Europe. I'll not be using this any more; I don't want to be dealing with vit D deficiency symptoms again!

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Gabrielle W.

I absolutely love this product. Ever since I tried it I have not used anything else. I no longer need to moisturize or apply foundation I just use the BB cream. I have very pale skin, and was doubtful that even the lightest of the two shades this product comes in would work for me, but it did! You can't even tell I am wearing it. I love the lightweight feel, I sometimes forget I have it on. It has an SPF of 35 which is ideal for protection against the sun. It may be a bit pricier than other BB creams, but it is definitely worth investing in.

Maritza B.
My go-to face fixer!

I have t zone oily skin. This product goes on very light and smooth. I put it on after I wash and tone my face. No moisturizer needed, because this BB cream hydrates my skin while covering redness around my nose and chin as well as the light freckles on my cheeks. Then i use a tinted powder to set it. I love that it has SPF protection, so I keep it in my purse to reapply after I get out of work for a refreshed look and more SPF (since SPF doesn't last all day). I love this!

Lindsey F.

This product was my first attempt at trying out a BB cream. I loved it! I apply a light layer of moisturizer on and let that soak in before I put this on. It goes on smooth and feels light, it covers up reddened areas fairly well. If I have acne flair ups I still need concealer for specific spots, but overall it really improves the look of my skin. I set it with a powder. The only drawback was the price, and I plan on trying the garnier product. If there is a major difference in the quality between the two products I will have no problems repurchasing the Estee Lauder BB Cream.

Cristine E.
great bb cream!

the coverage on this bb cream is light to medium but buildable. This makes my skin look flawless and covers my imperfections pretty good for a bb cream. I have the medium one and its great for yellow undertones. The only thing that i dont like about this product is that its pretty expensive... so i only use this occasionally.

Angel A.
Photo of product included with review by Angel A.

I was overall disappointed with this product for several reasons, however, I did not give fewer stars because it may work for those with drier skin. I found this product extremely oily shortly after applying it. It seems to sit on top of the skin and melt off as the day wears on. you absolutely cannot use it under foundation or any other concealer. It gives a cakey appearance and wont blend properly. Trying powder to dim down the shine was also a disaster. I would only recommend this product to individuals who already have a flawless complexion but whose skin is very dry, and you don't love in a humid climate. If you wish to wear minimal cosmetics them you may enjoy this, as it works best alone. I did not return it only because I continue to experiment with it using multiple products in hopes I will find a compatible mix and not have angst toward such a long standing reputation, but this product simply does not measure up to the standard, nor the price.