XXXL Shine Lipgloss


Nicole D.
Love This!

I think this is the perfect gloss to keep with you on the go. Its not sticky at all, it goes on smoothly, and it lasts. I actually prefer this over the Stay With Me glosses. It also has a fruity smell and doesnt taste bad either.

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Kaitlin W.

I think this is a great product for a good price. I got mine for around $2.99 and it's not sticky and really moisturizing. It lasts a decent amount of time and makes your lips super juicy looking. I would defiantly recommend this if you can get your hands on it. 😘

Ava C.

I love this product! It's a little sticky but I love the colour!!! I use this one a lot. And I find it stats on for quite a while not forever but it lasts okay

Micheala S.
I can't say enough about this

I got one color, Big Night Out, in a goody bag from a group I'm in at school and it was the perfect color and the best scent I' ve heard smelled from a lipgloss. (A close second is ELF lipgloss. Mmm, peppermint.) I just want more and more :D!!!!!

Ashley R.
NEW - Dazzle Glow #23

This is my first time trying their lip gloss and I must say I love it. Makes my lips so shiny with abit of sparkle to it. Smells good, feels nice on my lips, applies nice and smooth.

Cost is under $3 at Shoppers Drug Mart which as you girls know its a great price. I highly recommend it!

Yadurshiniraveendran R.

I just got a gorgeous rasberry-ish shade yesterday called True Love and it's gorgeous! I love the smell of it and it's super pigmented. The brush applicator is really nifty and I can't wait to purchase more!

Ryan D.
Great Color! Not too Sticky! Affordable!

I am sooo excitd they sell Essence in the US now! I have been hearing makeup gurus from other countries use Essence for the longest time, and it was just out of reach! So naturally the second I saw that Ulta was carrying it I ran out and bought a bunch of items, this lipgloss being my favorite!

Aurel R.
Very god

I really like this lip gloss. The colour it's really beautiful. It's doesn't stay for a long time, but it's okey for me. The only think that I don't like it, is that, they don't have big colour range.

Jacquelyn J.

Their lipglosses are great!! I have a couple of them and love that they are sheer since you can use them over your favorite lipstick. I love that they are affordable and non-sticky!

Ash S.
love except sticky

I really like this lipgloss for the price. At Ulta I get it for $2 and you really cannot beat that. I swatched my fave color but I do have and like a couple other shades. They are so shiny and pretty. This would have gotten 5 five stars, except some of the shades are really sticky, so that is the only downside for me.