Soft Touch Mousse


Michelle A.
My ALL TIME favorite face coverage product

I am absolutely *IN LOVE* with this product, Essence is one of my favorite drugstore makeup brands. I got this foundation/concealer at Fred Meyer for five dollars, and it is probably the best coverage product I have ever tried. (And I have tried quite a lot, let me just say.) High end, low end, acne fighting, normal, mousse, powder, liquid, spray... you name it, I've most likely tried it. I typically use this just as a concealer, applying it onto any problem areas I have. It gives great full coverage, and I don't need to apply powder or a setting mist to set it. It is really the only face coverage product I typically use, because it is so quick and easy to apply. I find applying it with clean fingers works the best, where as applying it with a brush you cannot get very much product onto the brush. Essence's soft touch mousse matt makeup blends so easily and flawlessly into the skin, giving a nice matte finish that isn't overly matte, and makes me look as if I am not wearing any foundation or concealer at all. I would like to note that my skin is not oily, I have sensitive acne-prone skin. This product also did not make me break out. It has quite good staying power, and I absolutely love it.

For a quick recap, this product... *Gives great full coverage which is buildable *Blends easily and quickly into the skin *Gives a nice matte (But not overly-matte) finish, almost a natural to matte finish *Stays on all day *Looks natural *Doesn't break my acne prone skin out AND... *Is only five dollars!

I would recommend this product if you are looking for something with full buildable coverage, is easy to apply, and lasts quite a long time. I wouldn't recommend it for oily skin because it may sweat off by itself, but that is nothing a little primer and setting spray (If you apply powder on top it may make your face look overly-matte) can't fix.

Idah H.

For a mousse foundation which is just under $10,its done pretty good job in terms of longevity and mattifies for an awesome 8 hrs or so.With the help of primer & just pat in setting powder,you're good to go with no worries.The texture is too soft to be used with fingers & stipple brush is a great tool for full coverage.

Sara B.
Love it

I have it and it's my every day foundation. I love the finish that gives, and it really covers very well for the price that it is. =) I really wish that there was more colors and that the foundation would last a little bit longer.

Miranda C.
worth the buy

this product is not to bad defiantly different what I'm use to but it works pretty good I just put it on on some spots that need to be covered and blend it out but I like the feel of it soft and almost feels like powder foundation after you blend it out a bit , but all and all its a pretty good product for the price of it very cheap defiantly worth the buy when ur on a budget

Jade M.

I'm not a big fan of mousse foundations but as I bought one once, I finally decided to use it as a primer. And it actually works very well! And the little jar can be very useful once it's empty. ;)

Nia S.

this was not good for me .. i mean the consistency was nice and smooth but the color selection is very small. It also made me look ashy. I won't be buying again. But i still love essence =)