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Lash & Brow Gel Mascara


Jade I.

It's a good gel mascara. I honestly haven't tried any other gel mascaras so I dont know how other ones work,but this one is definitely not bad. The reason I buy this one is because it's inexpensive and I dont want to spend a lot of money on a simple gel mascara. Overall it keeps my eyebrows in place so I dont see a reason why I wouldn't repurchase. Two of my friends use this and they havent complained ,they actually like it.I overall like it.

Beth I.
Does the job.

I use this as a brow gel and it does the job perfectly. It's cheap and seems to last all day for me. I have no clue why some people have the need to spend $16+ on a clear brow gel that does the same job as this product or even just hair spray spritzed onto a clean eyebrow spoolie. I use this with the Essence Brow pencil in blonde.

Tanja M.

Average, decent brow gel. When you apply it on your brows, first take off a little bit of formula on a tissue paper because it can be a little bit wet and hard to work with. But other than that, if you need something cheap, this is it.

Sidrah N.
Average brow gel! Nothing spectacular

This works as a great brow gel, it doesnt make my brows feel too hard. Didnt do anything for my lashes! If you are looking for a product to just hold a curl then this might work if wet mascara works for you, this just weighed down my lashes since its a wet product.

Shelly J.
Ok but not esssintial

I used it once but only because it came with a mascara that I bought from Essence. The mascara wasn't too good, don't really like any mascara from Essence but the brow gel was ok. I wouldn't by it just for the gel purpose, hairspray does it too ;)

Dorina D.

It s horrible,I had the elf one and was WAY better than this.Don t worth any money.Buy the elf one is cheaper and have a good formula too.Is cheap so you can try it but for me didn t worked ,after i will finish it ,i will never buy it again

Rachel C.

Not going to complain a lot that it didn't work as it was like $4 but I had finaaaaally got my eyebrows in perfect shape and drawn them on wonderfully then I used this mascara as a final touch and bam wiped off all of my 'drawing', if you like, and then the next day I found it impossible to draw on after applying the mascara and it ended up just ruining the shape of my eyebrow haha. But by all means for people who don't draw on there eye brows this product Moght actually work for you!!

Lauren S.

I was looking for a decent, inexpensive brow gel because I had never used one before and this seemed to be the cheapest. This product feels so gross when I comb my brows with it. It feels like I'm apply water to them and they feel wet for the next 10 minutes. So gross! Do not recommend to anyone!

Branka P.

When I bought this product, I was hoping it would keep my wild brows in place. The hairs in my brows are very long and can be quite unruly. However, this gel did absolutely nothing. It made them look a bit neater for the first few minutes, but after that, I felt like i put nothing on my brows. It is very cheap so I don't feel like I wasted a lot of money, but would not repurchase or recommend this product to anyone.