Eyebrow Stylist Set


Taylor C.

I love this eyebrows kit. It is the perfect match for my eyebrow colour and really looks very natural. 100% recommend it! I got with my birthday money and I had used like forever now. It has lasted me ages and it very cheap.

Tanja M.

I use this for my brows everyday, together with Essence brow pencil. I'm a person who needs just a little filling in, nothing much. And for me, this works great. The pigmetation could be better - for someone who wants more colour, but as I said, for me it works great and it goes on my brows very smooth. The brush that comes with the kit it's really small and I don't use it at all. I find it really hard to hold it. And it doesn't pick up the product so well as some of my other brow brushes.

Micaela  G.
In love!

I love love love this product! Although the brush isn't the best to fill in the whole eye brow I normally line the brow with the brush and then use my normal eye brow brush to fill in, I used to use a pencil for my eye brown and it was a disaster at the time I thought it was good but after using this product I don't think i will ever use a pencil, the price wasn't to damaging either in love xx

Iva T.

I give it 4 stars because of the brush. After applying it a few times it's no longer usable. The colors are really good,and Essence is always my number 1 when i'm broke. I usually use it after applying pencil because it lasts longer and looks better. All in all - i like it.

Giftedteacher M.
I prefer ELF to this set.

I have been using an eyebrow set from the States by ELF. It has been a great product for great value. I love the other Essence products so I bought this eyebrow stylist set hoping it would also be a steal. I was very disappointed. The packaging is a pain, the stencils are not very useful, and the brush is cheap and hard to use. I would not recommend this to a friend.

Martha V.
Little price, nicely pigmented shadows, inconvenient packaging, useless brush.

My current go-to eyebrow kit. Even if I'm planning on purchasing some more quality stuff, for now I stick to cheaper stuff since I'm just a student, and this works quite good to suit my needs. It's not really great quality, but I found a few tricks that help me get it to work for me.

The shadows are pretty pigmented and the colours are perfect for my eyebrows, so they go very well on them. However I find that the pigmentation shows better on the hair than on plain skin (that's what you see when swatching the product on your hand, it doesn't look so flattering). That's why I prefer to mix them with a mixing solution - this also helps getting a sharper line for the tail of the brow.

The packaging is not the most convenient one, since it's a small oval box you have to open in two and the shadows are placed on another plastic piece you have to take out of the box... so yeah, it's totally inconvenient and looks also a little poor. The little tiny brush is also not great quality, in fact I've never used it. The three stencils are fun and I used to use them when the ending part of my brows was missing and I needed to sketch the shape and draw it in; other that this, I've never really used them.

In brief: this kit is nice, even if the packaging isn't exciting. It comes with very little price and works well, in fact I use it everytime I have to shape and fill my eyebrows in. I don't know if this is really "average" quality, but I feel like giving three stars.

Elisa C.

Really quite good , i apply this with an angled brush over the pencil to make it last more and it does ! I only use the darker colour so i sometimes use the lighter one as a crease-definer..:)

Tereska H.

I took 1 star off because of brush .... Both shadows are well pigmented, I apply them on my eyebrow with eyeshadow applicator, its better than that wire brush .... And I like the packaging... it's quite cute :D

Nika K.
Great for shaping brows

So my brows are quite weird they have weird shape and are way too light I bought this kit a while ago and I have to say that I adore it There is a lighter and a darker shade inside a lighter is dark enough for me but I sometimes mix it with a little bit of darker one It has great pigmentation and the angled brush is great for application it is quite short so it makes it hard to hold but I have to say I manage working with it well It also comes with 3 brow shapes which you should put on your brow and fill in with color the shapes are gorgeous but I'm kind of too lazy to use it For that price, I feel like that product is even better than it should be

Krystal C.
Poor pigmentation, doesn't blend attractively
Photo of product included with review by Krystal C.

During the holiday sales, I purchased some inexpensive makeup online to try out. One of them being this Essence's Eyebrow Stylist Set from Ulta. It was only $2.79 and the description made it sound like a good find: This complete kit is perfect for styling your eyebrows. It contains two eyebrow powders, an applicator and three templates for perfect shape in an instant!

Reasons why I dislike this product: - The packaging does not stay closed - The plastic tray that the eyebrow shadows are in is flimsy and awkward to hold and use - The angled brush that comes with it is poor quality and not usable - I tossed it out - The 3 eyebrow templates that comes with it are cutouts of eyebrow shapes on plastic sheets that are shaped way too big and and not even in shapes that people would use - I tossed them out - The shadows are horrible, they are poorly pigmented - when I tried them out I was reapplying the colors so much that I just gave up. No matter how many times you dip into the pan, the color just doesn't transfer.

Honestly, for only $2.79, I wasn't expecting much, but I was hoping it'd be better than what I got. Even the reviews online said it was "good quality, cheap and it works" - very misleading! I kept this product just to do this review and am planning on throwing it out. I would say, this product is not for adults - but if you wanna buy it for your kid's play makeup kit, it'd be fun for them.