Elizabeth and James

Nirvana Black Eau de Parfum


Nicole A.
The name says it ALL

I have a hard time with most fragrance staying on my skin, this perfume however has a scent that leaves behind a long lasting smell especially in my hair and on my sweaters. The notes is this perfume are very spicy and warm definitely not a perfume for people who like light floral. The white is a more softer scent but if your a bold kind of girl like me then the black is the way to go......Nirvana definitely describes this scent masculine yet feminine at the same time love it (:

Victoria H.

Amazing! This smells really good It smells much better then the white and when you smell it you don't feel like you're inhaling toxins. Will be buying the actual perfume, already bought the rollerball :)

Devonne A.

so amazing! i like this one a lot more than the White. Will definitely be purchasing the full sized roller ball once i run out of my mini one :)