Zit Zapper


Dinah D.

Don't buy this, it will be a waste of a good dollar. I bought this thinking it would work because of the salicylic acid that it contains but it didn't do anything for the pimples that I had. No, no, NO. Do NOT buy this!

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Katrina J.
Get it!

Ok first off, this is $1 and it's completely amazing! It works sooo well and it completely got rid of a zit that I had had for a few weeks. Get it! You won't regret it.

Mercatranda ..

Okay, so first off, if you arent famillier with elf products, most of them range from 1$-6$ In other words, the prices are really cheap. At the makeup section at target where I was looking, The elf section was right there, I decied to pick up this and a couple other things. I got home and it worked amazing and effective. I had recently had a zit/pimple at the time, I used it.. and in as little as about a week with slightly continuos use, it was gone. It was litteraly only 1$! I went back and got more, they work amazing and I still use them to this day! If you find zit zapper somewhere, BUY IT! you will not regret it.

Eustacia W.
Love It

I don't normally just buy different things for my face, usually I try and stick to what I know works for me. But when I saw this and the ingredients in it, and the fact that it was only $1 I decided to try it. And I'm so glad I did! It works better then some of my more expensive face cleaner. It does tingles on picked spots or a freshly cleaned face, so I take that as a sign that it's working! It doesn't completely take zits away, but there is no full proof way to do that. But it does help tremendously. All in all totally worth the buck :)

Lydia G.

I Love this!! I Love All their products in general. Im alergic to half of the make up brands that are already out there and buy make-up was getting really expensive for me especially when you dont know excatly what your allergic too and have to hope you dont break out in a rash. I took my chances with the E.L.F. Products and you guys have saved my life and my wallet haha <3 KUDOS!!! <3

Jacquelyn Marie H.

I would rather use this than my collection of clinique crap my mother swears by. When i have a blemish I reach for the zit zapper and dab it on. Gone by the next day. Why pay tons of money and still breakout when u can grab the zit zapper and cleanser? =)

Veronica T.

Since it's only $1, i definetly give it 5 stars! I have been breaking out this entire past week since last week. And theyre completely gone! Also with the help of laying of face makeup for a few days.

Danielle H.
Absolute Love!!

This product is true to its name! I usually use this before I put on my makeup in the morning and after I take it off at night and any signs of pimples or zits or gone by the next day. This is truly a staple in my beauty products!

Taelor B.
Pretty good for a dollar

I used this for a week and wasn't really sure, but I knew it wasn't much of a financial loss. But then I bought Rapid Clear (Orange bottle, I think Neutrogena) acne spray and spot treatment, and I noticed my acne got WORSE. I used the zit zapper again and the next day noticed it took away the redness and dried up the acne. It hasn't completely eliminated my acne though, but I think it is working.

BONUS TIP: Sometimes the roller ball stops dispensing on your face, but if you roll some onto your fingertip it picks right back up and you can apply it to any remaining spots.

Miz Daryl I.
I was a skeptic

I've made a few ELF purchases in the past and have walked by the ELF section at the store and have always overlooked this. With my last ELF purchase, I thought "Sure, why not? If it doesn't work throw it away."

I apply it at night and when I woke up the next morning my pimple had diminish in size. IT ISN'T a replacement to completely cure a pimple or zit fully, but it does contain 1% salicylic acid.

This is a product I recommend.