Tone Correcting Concealer

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Samantha H.
Goodbye dark spots

I love this product it corrected my dark spots and its a great base for foundation or tinted moisturizer. I absolutely love products that make you look beautiful and correct problem areas😘👍👍

Bella G.

So I really liked this concealer! It was only $1 and it concealed just enough! I wouldn't recommend this if you need a really good concealer, but for people who don't have bad acne and dark circles, then this will work just fine!

makeup a.

I thought this concealer was good when I bought it but that was when I first started doing makeup. now I think it would make a natural highlighter. it gave light coverage at most and matched me pretty well. although its not the best it does have a pleasant scent to it

Olivia K.
Love and hate!

Okay, I have times I love this product and hate it at the same time. It covered up most of my dark spots. I love it because the applicator is so amazing. It works really well for me, it didn't really tone correct, that I noticed, but it was so spot on with my foundation! I got this in Rosy Beige, and my Cover Girl 3 in 1 foundation is in Beige, so that was a really nice coincidence!

Lola A.

It's very average. I mean its only a dollar so what can you expect. It doesn't have the best coverage. One thing that is amazing is the smell, it smells delicious!! If you are younger this is a good concealer but if are older you can try it but I suggest a different one.

Olivia K.

It was just a dollar! I got what I payed for but I knew it wasn't going to be like the concealer you get for 5 dollars, it does the job though!

Bella G.

When I told my friends I got this elf concealer for 1.00 they all laughed and said that cheap concealer doesn't work and that it gives you pimples under your eyes. Well they were wrong. This concealer works so well and I love the price🙀like I have no money and I still summoned up enough money to buy two of them. I love this concealer!

Rebecca M.

This concealer is perfect. I use this before I apply foundation or even those days when I don't want to wear any makeup. This is my $1 secret ;)

Jessica R.
Well, it smells really good...

I knew I was going to get a sort of sketchy product seeing as it was only $1 & I wasn't surprised to find it pretty ineffective. But when I mix it with a Maybelline concealer that I have, it gives INSANE coverage! :D Like, 10x better than the Maybelline on it's own!

And it smells like fruit loops!! LOL

Star Y.
Use as a Corrector instead

As a concealer, it did not conceal anything! It was like applying a moisturizer, it blended into my skin. I bought it to conceal my dark circles but that didn't happen. One day it occurred to me, why not use it as a corrector! I would apply some concealer onto the back of my clean hand and applied an orange lipstick or orange eyeshadow next to the concealer. After i would mix it, i would apply it directly to my dark under eye circles and that works for me. Overall, I would not recommend this product if you want to use it as a concealer but if you want to use this for correcting trouble areas, just mix a color into this because it will work. I have tried it with green for my red nose and it worked. Don't put too much green in it because you might not be able to blend it out and remember to apply the corrector before your foundation.