Super Glossy Lip Shine Spf 15

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Chevon H.
love the gloss, not the tube

this is good stuff...especially for $1. its thick enough to stay on for a good while without being super glue sticky. the color payoff is great...i notice that with some other "cheap" lipglosses, they all end up looking clear...not these though. the color in the tube is the color you'll get. the only thing i don't like is the tube it comes in. i prefer a lipgloss with a brush or a doefoot applicator for my personal makeup. however, for makeup jobs i like this packaging better because you can just squeeze some product out on a palette without having to use a disposable applicator.

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LeAndra D.
Very shiney

Its long lasting, I'll tell you that. I applied it at 11am this morning, its now 2pm and I've eaten, been outside, ive even bitten my lip. Its still there (not as heavy) but its there. I would say a good on the go lip gloss. Loves it

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Kaitlin K.
Good for the price

This is not the best gloss I've used. Its extremely sticky, thick, and hard to blend. It sticks to my cup when I try to drink, and is just very sticky. But, there is great color and shine. So good for looks, but I wouldn't wear it to a dinner party :)

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Savannah D.

I love this product, I use it almost everyday. I love that its think but not super sticky and it hydrates my lips and with the SPF 15 is a bonus for me. I also love that it's shimmery and lasts long.

Kestrel R.
One of the best E.L.F. products

I think I have nearly all of these. I keep them on hand to give as gifts because I love them so much. They aren't super sticky, have decent color payoff, and have SPF 15... all for a DOLLAR! What's not to love?

Maria Y.

Love these lipglosses, i have it a couple of colors and i have to say they are so easy to apply and the texture of them are so good. I do not feel like the lipglosses are sticky, and you are able to get it in different colors. I use them most in the summer, when i want a really natural make up to less make up....LOVE IT!

Kelly W.
Love love love !!!

The formula is a great consistency , thick enough to last without feeling sticky. It tastes great ! N the colour range is great :) I had it in godless which was a great everyday colour , n I only had to reapply twice throughout the entire day :) also , my lips feel very soft when the gloss wears off. Id totally reccommend this :)

Gabby N.
My Favorite Lipgloss

These are super inexpensive, they have great color payoff and they are not sticky. I own almost all of the shades. I always have one in my purse for a quick touch up.

Amy L.
Oops I did it again..

I bought two more lip shines this weekend after finding out my local Target carries a small selection of e.l.f. products! I know many experience a stickiness with these and I only experienced a little bit of stickiness, but nothing more or less compared to other lip gloss brands, however, after purchasing Angel, I am pleasantly surprised and delighted to announce that it is NOT sticky. I also purchased Honey Do, which matches my review of Candlelight, but Angel is entirely different. It is missing the SPF which is a downside, but I just applied an SPF lip balm underneath. Also, it does not smell or taste like anything. Hope this helps out!

Jennifer S.

They're only $1 and they're not sticky or too gooey. They last for a good while. So far I have liked most all of the elf products i have tried and I recommend elf for those who are on a tight budget but are looking for makeup that won't disappoint.