Studio Single Eyeshadow


Kalynn K.

This shadow has a similar packaging look as Nars. The shadow I own is very pigmented and very soft. It's only $3 and I think it's totally a product I recommend trying at least.

Tianna D.
Good For Basic Looks

First off use these with a primer or you will hate them. However, besides that I have few complaints with them. I like that the color pay off isn't too strong. You can see the color but it's not crazy pigmented. I like that because you can build the color up to the intensity you like. I would use this as an all over lighter shade for the day for some color but not too much, just a subtle sexyness. Or at night to darken up the crease.

Arkia M.

I have been eyeing these for some time, but was skeptical of the $3 price tag. I honestly thought there were going to be the suck. One day I happened to wander into my local dollar tree and saw 3 shades of these bad boys. For a buck how could i pass on them? WOW it had such amazing pigmentation. It's definitely better than the quads pigmentation. The colors are gorgeous I have since purchased about 4 more. And I was amazed by all of them. So worth it. BUY them you WILL love them! Use with a primer, otherwise they will wear off.

Kelsey P.

I love this product! I was slightly skeptical at first, because these eyeshadows are only $3 each, and I wasn't sure of the quality. When they came in the mail, the first thing I did was swatch them, and they were so pigmented! I wear them to work, when I have longer shifts. They stay on and don't crease! I reccomend these to anyone who asks about them!

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Shannon M.

I have a number of these single eye shadows and love each and every one of them. I of course wear them with a primer and haven't had any problems with them. Plus with a $3 price tag (and in my case $1 and $1.80 price tags!) you can't go wrong.

Morgan R.
i also have saddle

i love both eyeshadow. but with no primer they do crease. So if you put a primer on it doesn't. so its a win for me. You can use it as a lid or a crease in either color i have. I love it and its only 3 dollars and someplace 1. defiantly worth trying.

Amanda D.

http://yfrog.com/obmgehj:tw1 ^^ 2nd FINGER, FINGER SWATCH

This was another eye shadow I purchased from elf. I am so glad that I did! It is a matte based eye shadow and also very pigmented. It's a very nice colour for a smokey eye look but I wouldn't be afraid to try this with some other colours. I find that the colour is in between a purple, grey, brown. JUST beautiful, it really does define it's name!

Amanda D.

http://content.eyeslipsface.com/gallery_medium/81131_220px_100006.jpg ^^ ELF WEBSITE http://yfrog.com/obmgehj:tw1 ^^ FIRST FINGER, FINGER SWATCH

I purchased one of their new colours and I am so glad that I took the chance with their eye shadows!

I had a bad experience with some of the pigments in their smokey eye beauty manual and I thought that this would be the same.(not all, just a few colours)

The eye shadow is super pigmented and not to mention what a beautiful colour for the holidays. I can see this eye shadow working alone, as a highlight or something to add to the inner corners of your eyes for that extra POP.

The product itself is in a nice package (as most of their studio products are) I will be purchasing 100% elf single eye shadows in the future!

Dawn M.

I only have one of these shadows and it is in the color Oatmeal. It is a taupey color with some shimmer. It's very versatile, you can use it on the lid, as a transition color or even as a highlight. I wish I had more of these shadows to compare the texture and pigmentation but I don't. I will be purchasing some in the future though! They are only 3 dollars each!

gee m.

The pebble eyeshadow is a gray looking brown looking color but I like it. You can do many things with this color as far as applying in your crease, lid, and transition color. I like!