Studio Silver Box 100-Piece Classic Eyeshadow Palette


Candice A.

pretty nice ! I found mine at target for around $8 #SNATCH you can choose to be subtle or choose the other route and choose a pop of colour.

Elsa L.
It's okay but not my favorite

So I received this as a Christmas gift 2years ago barely this year I started using it, quality wise one swipe is not inofe you literally half to dig a little more to get the full pigmentation, which I hate abusing my makeup I barely started using this palette maybe 10times and the eyeshadow is almost about to hit pan. Some eyeshadows are chalky and when I do swatches little chunks come out :/ not cool at all, it's good for a affordable pallete but my personal reference I wouldn't purchase I'm glad I got this as a gift. My only complaint is some can me chalky like the satin eyeshadow and the ones that have shimmer are a little more buttery in texture.

Abbey P.
Nice but not nice

This product was okay. The eyeshadows are very chalky. Some are too shimmery. No matte colors at all. Gorgeous colors but only used mainly the browns. Recommended for first timers or studio makeup artists

Holly B.
It's ok

I bought this at target last year when it was on sale. the mattes are ok but you have to dig into the color to get pigment. and even with the eyeshadow primer it doesn't show up, the shimmer and satin ones show up perfectly. but if you are a matte eyeshadow fan the mattes in this particular pallette sucks