Studio Shimmer Palette


Karen-Lisbeth G.

THIS IS A MUST HAVE! I use it all the time as highlighters, base colors. I love it! I've had two of these! The gold color is really easy to use.

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Mary S.

ELF's shimmer palette is a four pan palette containing multi-use creams. These creams can be used as highlighters, bases, blushes, eyeshadows and more. It's available on ELF's website, Target, K-Mart, Big Lots and more for $3. The colors are a pearly white, a peachy champagne, a soft gold, and a soft pink. As you can tell by the same, all of these are shimmery. The formulation of these creams is extremely smooth. They apply easily and blend well. I get about 6 hours of wear. I get daily use of these creams, mostly as a highlighter for my cheekbones and brow bones. This also does well as a base for blush, but can get creasy as an eyeshadow or eyeshadow base if used without a primer. These are excellent as highlighters, as they give a really pretty, subtle glow when blended well. The packaging of this palette is cute, sleek, and functional. The black case is sturdy and snaps closed. It comes with a small brush, but I prefer to apply these with a concealer brush and blend with my fingers. I recommend this product for a number of reasons; the ease of availability, the great price, and the quality and versatility of the product. Overall its a great value at $3.

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Arkia M.
Love it!

I have this product, i've tried it as a highlighter, but wasn't all that crazy about it. BUT i do love to use it to pop on my eyelids when i don't feel like wearing anything, but feel like i need something and this does the trick! I use it with mascara only and looks good. No complaints from this girl!

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Blondee B.

my mother actually purchased this product for her self but i love using it for facial highlights! they give a beautiful angelic like look to the face, i also like using them for frosty lip color and lip highlights as well as inner cornner and brow highlights, but i dont recomend them as shadow with out a powder shadow or product layered over it because it will crease

Angela s.

Ever since I got this palette I've been using it everyday. Its a good multi purpose palette. I use it as a brow, cheek, and inner corner highlight as well as and all over cream shadow . The shades are just perfect, it lasts all day, and they're super creamy. So for $3 you can't beat it.

Elaina Y.
Good product

This palette give a good amount of shimmer and it is nicely packaged. I bought this palette to use as a highligher for my eyes. I found that I didn't really like the creamy texture for highlighting. Although there are 4 shades to this, they really go on just the same. I find that I actually like using this on my lower water line as a eye brightener. It does not bother my eyes (I do wear contacts) and it has a decent staying power. Also this product is great for the inner corner of the eye to give it a more woken up look. I think I perfer using powdered highlighters more than creams, but for the way I use this product I would recommend it.

Rachael Y.
5 stars

I am using this in the corners of my eyes or anywhere that I want to brighten up my shadows. It works VERY well. I love that ELF products are so inexpensive but work great. I havent come across anything (so far) that I dont like... especially for the small amount of money that I am spending. I am so used to forking over alot of money each time I go to buy makeup, but when you buy ELF products, you dont. FIVE STARS.

Angie K.
Like it

I bought this to try out some face highlighters & I like it. The different shades blend easily. I use it for my cheekbone, browbone and inner eye corners & they make a difference in not an out-there way. Sometimes I will use a shade on my lids for a light day look.

Ashley M.

I'm not really a fan of any cream products. When used this as a highlight after applying blush or bronzer the cream product too away from the other products on my face and made them look smudged. Also the four different colors all look the sane once applied. This might be good to use if you dont use blush of bronzer though.

Michelle D.

I rarely use it (if I have time). I'm not that impressed with it, and on top of already having oily skin, it's too glittery for me. It does feel creamy, but I can barely see it when I blend it in.