Studio Eye Primer & Liner Sealer


Tamara R.
Pleasant Surprise

When I first got this I expected the primer it to crease because it's so creamy. It got tossed into a drawer and forgotten about until about 6 months ago. Even in the humid summer I got a good 5-6 hours of wear before it started to crease, which more than enough for a night out.

I don't use the sealer, but when I tested it there was no smudging on my hand.

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Jessica R.

this works amazing. absolutely love the sealer. only thing i use as an eyeliner. and the concealer works great. some people complain that it still creases, ummmmmm dont put on such a thick layer of it, if you do of course itll crease. but a little goes a long way.

Nabi M.
such a saviour

i so love my primer.. i soon as i saw this at the mall here in the Philippines i was a little doubtful of the price but WOW its really fair for a price! it doesnt crease and my eye make up stays longer i have to say this is indeed a saviour

Ashley S.

This is actually a really cool product. The primer isn't the best I've used, but it's convenient. It's good for when you don't feel like wearing eyeshadow, but you want something to cancel out the pigmentation in your eyelids. I use the sealer everyday to set my eyeliner on my waterline. It makes the biggest difference for my sensitive, watery eyes! However, I think I'll just stick with the Makeup Lock & Seal.

Anne d.
Beginner's Lifesaver

'Tis my first time to purchase an eyeshadow primer and surprisingly it's a good buy for a price of Php 249.50. Being an E.L.F. consumer for more than a year, their Eye Primer and Liner Sealer (haven't used the sealer yet) is just among a few E.L.F. products that really worked on me (I have a combination skin, by the way). I did comparisons on the eyeshadow swatches and so far, there were no creasing and bleeding. I'll still see if the product will remain consistent in the following days but so far, I really like it.

Ashley C.

I've used Mary Kay products in the past as eyeshadow primers, but I have to say that this one is a definite keeper (both for its quality and inexpensive price). The first time that I used it I think I used too much -- my eyeshadow wouldn't "stick" to it and I had to use a lot to get the effect I was going for. However, the second time that I used it I just swept two quick strikes over both of my lips and then used my ring finger to blend it in. Afterward I used three colors from the elf eyeshadow palette to create a smokey eye look (used the elf C brush for blending) and KAPOW! I am very happy with this product.

Aa-mae rose C.

This primer is good when you apply just a little bit. At first, I applied too much and it only made my eye shadow look cakey. I somehow discovered that I need only a little amount and warm it first it my fingers. I makes the eye shadows adhere were to the skin and lasts for hours!! The sealer part, I use for lining my eyes using my eyeshadow. But I don't like the applicator that it comes with. It stains easily and hard to clean. What I do is that I dab a little of the product in my angled/eyeliner brush then take a small amount of eyeshadow and voila! I don't have to buy tons of eyeliners!! :)

Brittany M.
Good For The Price

I do think the primer, if used sparingly, does help my eye shadows stay in place. I haven't really found a use for the sealer that works for me, but I think it's worth the purchase just for the primer side.

Kenya P.
It's Pretty Good

It's pretty good, except for it doesn't blend all that well Which i don't like all that much but other than that I use it almost everyday, it's a pretty good product and it keeps my makeup to stay.

Grace M.
affordable, vegan, great staple

This concealer, or primer comes in a stick. It rolls up like a lipstick or dry concealer stick. It looks just like dry concealer. It may be just that, and is marketed as an eye primer. It is dry so it acts as a barrier between the oils on the lid, and the eye shadow to prevent creasing. It is nude, so every color you put on top will be true to color, plus it counter acts redness on the eye lids which so many women have. Its affordable, and can't complain about that. If you are looking for something to travel with, and you don't want to lose your more expensive makeup, this is also a great one. Its silicone free, which is great for sensitive eyes. One side has a liner sealer (clear liner) when you dip it into eye shadows it will transform them into a color (activated) liquid liner. Cheaper than buying the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Palette.