Studio Cream Eyeliner


Jaymie H.
This stuff is Auh-Mazing!

I bought this product to branch off into gel liners thinking that for the price (3$) it wasn't going to be that great but I could play around with it. Boy was I wrong, this stuff is the cheap holy grail!! It goes on super smooth and stays put all day, plus the colors are super pigmented. I would for sure recommend this to anyone!!

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Angie R.

I NEVER use eyeliner and this is the first time that I attempted it, and I loved this cream eyeliner. Not only is it extremely CHEAP, it's really easy to use. Definitely a good buy for $3.

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Lacey A.
lasting. affordable. pigmented. but weird!

l really like this liner,, it was really pigmented, creamy, && lasts all day. I was so surprised it was this good cuz it was only $3. It did run a little bit when i put it on my lower lash line, but when i put eyeshadow over it it stayed all day. The weird thing is that after a while the product shrinks. It didnt dry out because it was still really creamy & usable but when i shook the jar u can hear the product move around & u can take it completely out..but besides that i really like this cream liner

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Becca B.
Good, but could be better!

I have many types of gel eyeliner, as I detest liquid eyeliner (I have been made blind for a day or so due to having a mate sneak up and make me jump when applying... didn't end so well) This is defiantly my second favorite, I love the colours, especially swatch! its such a lovely deep colours and looks great, especially (i find) on older people. However, the colour does wear off a little after a good few hours, so I wore it to work and after working in a humid coffee shop for just over 8 hours, it was hardly there, but that is expected. I did not like the brush, but the elf angled eyeliner brush made up for that!

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Seonaid R.
Photo of product included with review by Seonaid R.

This is one of the cheaper gel/cream eyeliners on the market, but the packaging makes that clear. The little brush that comes with the eyeliner is useless. The one thing I do like about these eyeliners is that there is a lot of choice when it come to colour. They eyeliner applies well and doesn't drag but I found that it dried out on me after a couple of hours and started to flake away. The actual product itself has started to dry out too. So, despite the low price tag this is one product I won't be repurchasing.

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Elaina Y.
Cheap, but not worth it still

This product comes in a cheap plastic container and it comes with a tiny little angled brush that is quite useless. The eyeliner does give good colour and it goes on smoothly but I find that it does not last long at all. At the end of the day some of this product is on my face. I even tried setting this product with Urban Decay Eye Primer, but it still did not stay in place. Due to the cheap packaging this product also dries out very quickly no matter where you store it. It is a great price but not worth the money.

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Stephanie C.
Not for me

I'm actually quite shocked at the amount of people who like this product. I bought 3 of these in different colors because of how cheap it is! I was in the experimental stages of creme/gel liners. I'm sure it's just me, but it did not show up on my waterline at all. I even tried with different brushes. I tried several times and even gave it another shot the next day. Nothing showed up at all. I also didn't have much success on my lid. I might just have very oily lids/waterline. I ended up returning them.

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Rachele H.
Not good at all!!!

I have always loved ELF products and have never had a problem with any of them... Until I bought the cream liners. I never buy a product without read tons of reviews to make sure it's worth my money. With all the good reviews I read I went ahead and bought three. As soon as I opened them I knew I was going to be disappointed. Two out of the three were completely dried up to where they just fell out of the jar. The third one was still usable and gave great color payoff but dried up in a week. I don't know if mine were just the bad few out of the bunch but I know I won't be buying these again.

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Marina S.
I have two colors and love them

I use the brown one for my eyebrows it's the perfect shade of brown and looks natural it stays put all day seriously I was amazed by the fact it didn't budge I also use a wax for my hairs afterwards or I use clear gel depends on my mood both lock it in place even better and it's water proof! Now the black one I also own but I don't exactly love it as much only because I don't feel it's very pigmented and I have to apply two layers to make it as dark as I'd like and some matte black powder they're also very quick to dry which is awesome. They're only three bucks so I say go for it if your not sure!

Nyuu K.

I absolutely love this cream eyeliner. I used another brand before, high-end, and I very much prefer a simple $3.00 eyeliner over that one any day. In fact, I felt that the E.L.F. one has a far better staying power than the high-end one. The pigmentation is there, and it lasts 8+ hours on me without fading or smudging.