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Studio Concealer Brush

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Nikki S.
love it, but not for concealer!
Nikki S.'s Review Image

I love this brush, but definitely not for concealer. This brush works amazing to pack color on the lid! It's my go-to brush for applying almost every color to my lid! I was able to do this look in the pic using nothing but this brush for the lid colors!

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Kristina O.

This might seem weird but I love this brush for applying mascara. I run the tip of the brush over the mascara wand and it allows me to really get to the base of my lashes and cover every one from root to tip. It's also great for bottom lashes, since I prefer my them thicker rather than longer and this brush is great for getting the very roots of the bottom lashes as well.

Minjee Y.
multipurpose brush that works fine

this brush is great for packing on colors on the lid. I don't use it really for concealer because it just leaves my concealer looking thickly applied and streaky... So I only use it really to apply eyeshadows or when I'm applying maybelliene's eye color tattoos.

Louise-Lesley J.

I like this brush but I find that it is packed too tightly and makes my concealer go slightly streaky.

It is very, very silky smooth/soft and it does pick up a lot of product but I didn't particularly like working with it.

I also like my brushes to be multi-purpose for travelling and saving space but I couldn't do anything with this apart from a liquid/cream concealer.