Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil


Krystal C.
Perfect liners for color bases & only $1!
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I have used these to line my top lid, smudge my lower lash line, sheer out onto the lid as a color base and I've used Iconic White as an inner corner highlight on no-makeup days. These pencils are very soft, very easy to blend out, and you only need a tiny bit to get that full color payoff and super shimmery effect. Each pencil's cap has a built in sharpener, the quality is decent, but you will have to clean the sharpener quite often because the product is very soft and will stick and clog if left alone. I personally use a separate sharpener. As far as staying power, when sheered out as a base they last all day. When used as a top lid liner without setting it with a powder, it will eventually transfer to your top lid or even smudge depending on how warm you skin gets. Either way, I enjoy using these pencils and I really should use them more often. Without them being waterproof, they last pretty long and that's terrific for a $1.00 pencil liner!

Each swatch will show you one swipe of the pencil, then a thicker application as if you were to use this on your entire lid, and then a blended out application as if you were to use this as a color base or just a smudged effect. (closer swatches on my blog: http://www.beautybykrystal.com/2011/11/elf-essentials-shimmer-eyeliner-pencils.html)

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Katie C.
Only 1 Complaint.

I own this in the green & purple & love the colors. It goes on pretty easily & stays put. The only thing i don't like is the cap that comes on it.

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Dimi  G.

Such a great pencil eyeliner. Im not much of a fan of pencil liners, Im more of a gel/cream liquid liners. This eyeliner last an extremely long time and is perfect for making winged eyes. I have the black for my lash lines and the green for my waterline. The green isn't too bright or too dark,

Kaitlin K.
Great everyday product!

This liner is great for everyday use. I have the black one and i cannot see any summer at all though :( I wish it was a bit more creamy, but great for the price :)

Julia R.

The shade I tried was "twinkle teal," which for some reason isn't printed on the packaging. The color was rich, which surprised me-I was expecting much lower quality. It wasn't a one and done shade, but I only needed to give the line a quick once-over for good color. It didn't drag/tug/pull/skip on the lash line, either.

However, the color faded after just an hour, but didn't stop. It looked worn down and eventually grayish. By 5 hours, the color was pretty much gone, and it had migrated. Not impressed.

(read the full review on peakvolume.blogspot.com)

Melissa B.
They Are Ok

I own twinkle teal & gunmetal, they are beautiful metallic colors. These liners are nice and creamy so they don't tug at your eye and glide on smoothly. These are not something you would use for your waterline, they just won't stay long and will transfer down to your lower lashline. I like to line my top lashline with these, but be sure to to put powder of the same color over it or it will smudge and transfer to above your crease. Another thing i like to use these for is a eyeshadow base, but be sure to use primer. I probably would buy some of the other colors.

Kikikulala L.

this is quite good, but still not work for oily lids, it smudges

Luz R.
It fades right away

I was looking for a white eyeliner and while target decided to buy this one. I got home very exited, when I applied it to my water line I couldn't even see it. So now I use it as a highlighter for my brow bone.

Luna V.

I bought this in Blissful Blush while looking for nude/taupe/neutral liners, thinking I could use it on my waterline or lower lid. It's a pretty colour, though a little more brown than what I wanted.

Unfortunately, less than two hours after applying, I had big puddles of pinky-brown under my eyes. It actually startled me while passing by a mirror. I tried it again with a good deal of powder under my eyes, and it seemed to stop the running, but my eyes felt too dry and cakey.

Not sure if I'll really find a use for this, but considering the price, I'm not too broken up about it.

Erin Q.

I was at target waiting for my brother to get his tooth paste, yawn. I wondered into the makeup section and suddenly the trip was worthwhile. I had finally found a white eyeliner! When I got home I ripped open the packaging and the cap fell off. I was thinking,"Oh no." So i put the cap back on and held it upside down and the cap fell off again taking a huge chunk of eyeliner with it. So then I rushed to my mirror and put some in my waterline. When I stood back, nothing had changed. And even though it had been fully sharpened, one application had worn the creamy eyeliner down to a nub. It needs sharpened more than any other eyeliner I have. And it barely shows up on skin. Maybe it's just the white one, but I would not recommend this eyeliner.