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Natural Radiance Blusher


Kendyl S.
a fantastic value!

I own 3 of these and have found all of them to be extremely pigmented. They all have shimmer in them, however, so I wish they would release new shades that had less shimmer. The product itself is very soft so you have to be careful not to be too rough handling it and such as they can break rather easily. I don't have to dip my brush back into the product more than once to get enough color and the shades I have (Glow, Innocence, and Shy) are all flattering on my light to medium skintone.

Kikikulala L.

Great buy with just $1!!! very pigmented and I like them because it is matte finish.

Star Y.
Love and Own All

I love these blushes! These are quite pigmented for the price of $1. You get a good amount of product and i have finally hit pan after 50+ uses? I don't love these more than the studio blushes but i love these more than the Sephora blushes. I don't love the packaging because it looks cheap, it's really small, and it breaks easily. But I can say that there is the new packaging which is more expensive because they added a "brush" to use with the blush. I don't care for that brush so i just threw it away but the colors seem to be the same. Overall, I think everyone should give these a try because they are really good if you can get over the bad packaging.

Clair H.
Great for a dollar!

These are really pigmented! I have to make sure just to like, poke the blush with my brush. Otherwise, too much product and color gets on. These are good for eyeshadows, too :]

Drea G.

You know what... just don't waste your money. No real pigment, weird textured... I don' like it - Their studio blushes are SO much better than these, these are just a plain ol miss.

No Longer Available D.
No Longer Available D.'s Review Image

I got this blush in Flushed. I've had this blush since last week and it's been my go-to lately. I am seriously surprised at how pigmented this blush is. For a dollar especially! With the swatch you see on my hand is only ONE swipe. It is really pigmented and just a gorgeous color! You can totally build the color for a more intense pink or you totally do it lightly for a beautiful color on the cheeks. This blush seriously lasts me all day when I wear it. My ONLY complaint, is the packaging. It can be tricky and hard to open sometimes. That's why I knocked off a star. Other than that, the blush is just great! Totally recommend you try it! For a buck, you really don't have much to lose if it doesn't work out for you!

Anna M.

You definitely get more value than what you pay for with this product. It's long-wearing and very pigmented. Cheap too! The pigmentation might be a problem because this makes the blush easy to overdo. Definitely apply this with a light hand!

Jasmine C.

Its ok... Not as bad as i thought it would be it has great pay off just not for very long... The packaging absolutely sucks beyond belief.... It was almost impossible to open when i first got it and in the process it snap and couldn't be put back together... but besides that its ok

Lacey F.

its okay, the packaging sucks though. the pigmentation isnt bad. i guess it really depends on your skin pretty light so it shows up on me. for a buck, its not bad.

Jlee B.
oh my...a no-go

I bought this for a dollar. yes a dollar..So I wasn't too worried of it being disappointing! but sadly, it is. I know it's a "natural radiance blusher" but it literally had hardly any color and just sat on my cheeks. didn't blend well.., was ashy looking and didn't work for me! :(