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Krystal C.
Surprisingly Great Quality for $1!
Photo of product included with review by Krystal C.

I decided to try out my very first E.L.F. Nail Polish (which I bought online for just $1) and surprise-surprise, I like the color and quality of these inexpensive polishes.

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Elaina Y.

I have tried these in a variety of colours and these have great pigment and most of the colours do go on true to colour. Usually with ELF nail polishes I do apply a base coat, 2 coats of colour and a top coat to seal everything. I find by doing that it helps to make the manicure last to about a week and a half without chipping. I find that I tend to like the lighter shades more than the darker ones. These nail polishes are a great price (I did not notice that the price has gone up for $1 to $2 now on ELF.com). The polish is quick drying and you get a good amount of formula in the bottle. The brushes don't streek and is a good size to cover the entire nail with just a couple of strokes. I also have had no problems removing the polishes with nail polish remover. The only colour that I have had a problem with is Punk Purple. It's a great colour to wear in the fall/winter, but even after applying a base coat this colour stained my nails. It left a red tint that only a nail buffer could remove (and not even all of the stain). I would recommend this product still, it's a great way to test out colours for a good price.

Favourite colours: Nude, Light Pink, Innocent, Bubble Gum Pink, Passion Pink, and Dark Navy

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Mary S.

LF Fire Coral Nail Polish is a bright orange-red nail polish with a semi-matte finish. I purchased mine from http://www.eyeslipsface.com/ for $1. Packaging is a square glass bottle with a plastic, black square cap. The bottle has a weighty, sturdy feel to it. I have no problems with the black cap detaching from the top of the brush. I also like the brush. Which is long and wide enough for me to cover my whole nail in two strokes, instead of three. Dry time for this polish is pretty fast, I estimate it at about a minute or so. One coat gives a good amount of opacity, with full opacity reached with two coats. The formula of this polish is really nice. Not runny, not goopy, which is impressive considering I've had this polish for nearly a year with no consistency changes. Application is smooth and streak free. I don't have any pink staining after removal. Wear time is impressive. I get about 5 days when topped with ELF Clear Nail Polish. I experience minor tip wear, but that's expected. This polish is pretty water resistant, which is a big factor for me. It doesn't peel off or chip when I'm washing dishes, cleaning cages, taking a bath, or washing my hands frequently. I highly recommend ELF's Fire Coral nail polish. It's a classic bright but wearable red that looks good on fingers or toes. Wear time, dry time, and application are great. While this is no China Glaze, for just $2 (ELF recently raised the price on this polishes =[ ) you get a great quality nail polish. I definitely plan to include a few more ELF polishes in my next order.

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Krystal C.
Coral is better in person!
Photo of product included with review by Krystal C.

For only $1, these E.L.F. polishes are so awesome! So far I have worn two of them, and they both apply smoothly and dry pretty quick. This color is sooo pretty! It's a pink with a cantaloupe shimmer. It's just gorgeous!

Completely different in person than online because it doesn't show that subtle light orange shimmer, but I really like how it is in person - I was pleasantly surprised!

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Dawn M.

I have these in an array of colors, but I wore the Medium toned Red polish one time without a base coat and it STAINED the hell out of my natural nails! I would recommend always using a base coat with these polishes. Other than that I have no gripes about this polish!

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Lisa V.
better than other expensive nail polishes

the pigmentation is lovely and most of the nail polishes are very opaque. Liquid metal has the most incredible color pay off ever its incredible that they can make it shine so much and you only need one coat

Niamh D.

Elf nail varnishes have to be one of my favourite nail varnishes of all times. They have a great colour range and the lasting finish of them are phenomenal!! They are very pigmented and I LOVE them soo much :)

Jennifer L.
Love the shade

I use to pick up my black nail polish from Hot Topic until I tried E.L.F's. Immediately fell in love with it. It was only a dollar and the formula was nice and thick. I use this polish also for nail art. Just really great!

Melanie C.

I really like ELF's polishes! I have: Golden Goddess, Metal Madness, Purple Pleaser, Sunset, and Red Velvet. I also have the matte finisher. For $1, these are great polishes. They go on smoothly and dry quickly with a nice finish. They usually take three coats for a good opaque look. The matte finisher works wonderfully - most of the time. Sometimes it leaves a white residue around my nails. Overall though, great product!

Santana V.
Polish it up

Some ppl like these, some dont. I have several of the colors and i havent had any issue. The first coat with some colors is streaky but once you apply 2nd coat its fine. The polish last a good week, of course i type and wash dishes & what not. I would def buy again.