Nail Polish Removal Pads


Bekah W.

for me these did not work at all. it was like the equivalent of a moist towelette. all they did was make my fingers smell like orange. i ended up having to add actual nailpolish remover to the pads which defeated the entire purpose. swing and a miss for me. but i still love their brushes

Cindy E.

I needed to be able to touch up my nails any time and any where so I brought these. I love that this doesn't smell like typical nail polish remover so if I wanted to use it in a crowded room I could. Great addition to my kit.

Annie O.

I had first tried these with their original formula and had a terrible time with, than during a huge mother's day sale I had recieved a large grab bag that had the new ones in them I have to say they have brought me back to their side again. with one tissue I got the nail polish off of both hands, the drying time was almost instant and it had a new wonderful orange scent. Very impressed with the new formula and for just a dollar it is worth the shot

Jen C.
Not great.

I tried these and did not like it at all. It didn't remove my one coat of neutral polish. It was was oily feeling and I used about 2 pads to remove polish on one hand. Not worth it to me.