Minerals Eyeshadow Primer

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Monica M.
Great Find!
Photo of product included with review by Monica M.

I am so pleased with this product! It was very cheap yet it works great for an everyday. I am not sure if this makes any difference to the color payoff of pressed eyeshadow but I will not be able to used mineral eyeshadow without it because the color of the mineral will just not show up the same! This keeps my eyeshadow from creasing for at least 4hrs (and I have 3 creases in each of my eyelids!) and is compared to Urban Decay's Primer Potion and Two Faced Shadow Insurance! I am so pleased! Don't be fooled by its thin consistency!

Pros: *Keeps eyeshadow from creasing for at least 4hrs *Helps transfer true color of mineral eyeshadow from the pot to your eye *Helps with fallout *Great price Cons: *Doesn't help with the color payoff of pressed eyeshadow

PICTURE- Picture shows an elf mineral eyeshadow without elf mineral primer on left and then on top of the primer on the right :D

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Kk C.
Awesome sauce!

I'm young, so I don't have money for the urban decay, Mac, tarte, and benefit crap. I'm sure its great but whatever. I've tried multiply drugstore primer sand this is the best by FAR! I recommended this to all my friends and we all use it. It's defietly great!

Lauren E.

In Australia primers are almost an unheard of substance, and only now they're starting to appear on our shelves. E.L.F. is a brand that needs to be imported - bought online and I will happily pay the shipping for this one. Oily skin - no problem. This easily gets me through an entire day at work without any creasing or fade. I recommend this little cheapy gem to everyone!

Brittney N.

I Have Very Oily Lids, Prone To Creasing. I've Used A Few Primers From Various Companies, As Well As Urban Decay Primer Potion, And I Find That This Has Worked The Best! It Not Only Keeps My Eyeshadow On All Day, And All Night, But If I Sleep With My Eyeshadow On, [Which I Rarely Do] It's Even On The Next Morning. Haha.

Erica L.

This works just as well as the Urban Decay Primer Potion. I love it, and it makes your shadows stay on for along time and doesn't make it crease. For the price, it's definitely worth to try.

Kikikulala L.

with this low price, it does its job also. color stays and no crease for me

Alyce O.
My favorite!

I've gone through so many of these primers cause it's just that good and info through them fast. They are very affordable and I love that! So glad that I found a really good eye lid primer that works amazing!

Elizabeth T.
Perfect Primer.

I used to use Urban Decay's primer potion until I found my bottle contained nasty ingredients, and I gave it away. THIS, though, is awesome. You can find ELF's mineral primer for $1-3 depending on sales, deals, etc. and it works great! It's just as good as all the other high-end primers out there, and costs nothing! This stuff doesn't crease, and keeps my shadows on all day long. I will definitely be buying this again. BTW, you can use the "blush" shade of this primer as a light pick-me-up for your lids on days when you need a quick go-over before heading out.

Kaylee C.
Great and Affordable!!

I have dry skin, so this product worked great for me, I bought 3 in the beginning and ended up using all 3 in a year!! :O I wouldn't recommend it to someone with oily skin, it tends to crease. This is the first and only eye shadow primer I ever tried and I bought mine for a dollar, it's time to buy more!!

Maria Y.

I love this primer, it is so smooth to apply and blends with your skin so easy. And makes my work of creating outstading eye make up easy... Beside that i really love thagt you eye make can stay on my lieds an entire day, until i wash it off....amazing!