Krystal C.
Great color selection, last long, applies smooth, not drying
Photo of product included with review by Krystal C.

A long time ago, I bought one of these lipsticks, and ended up loving it and using it all up. Eyes Lips Face is known for their inexpensive makeup and good quality, the E.L.F. Essentials Lipsticks are a great way to expand your lipstick collection without breaking the bank. They are smooth when applying and have a matte finish - a perfect product to combine with the E.L.F. Essential Luscious Liquid Lipsticks. They come in 6 wearable shades; Classy, Gypsy, Seductive, Voodoo, Posh, Fantasy. My personal favorite is Seductive - it's a pretty natural lip color that goes with EVERY look and style! Photos and swatches below, I hope you all consider these for your next lipstick purchase :)

Swatches of all the shades worn on NW25 skin can be found on my blog: http://www.beautybykrystal.com/search/label/elf%20essentials%20lipstick

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Courtney S.
Looking for inexpensive Matte lipsticks?

OMGOSh i have every single color there is! I was looking for matte lipsticks and ran into these ELF lipsticks! they are only 1$ and it's wroth it's price! it's pigmented, and goes smoothly onto my lips(Very moisturizing!) and it doesnt have the lipstick smell! There's so many verities which I love! Definitely will be repurchasing this!

Donna S.

These are usually my go to lipsticks. They are very creamy and moisturizing. Gypsy is my favorite shade which is a great mauve color that would probably work with any complexion. For a buck it's a great deal and you can't go wrong.

Johanna T.
Seriously for a dollar you can't go wrong!!!

I ordered all the colors the minute ELF put these little beauty gems on their website! They are creamy, pigmented, hydrating, smell great! They would look best with a clear gloss. I think the lipsticks set to a matte finish without gloss. No, they won't stay on your lips like a long wearing lipcolor. You will need to reapply often. Posh and Fantasy are my favorites. Posh is a great wearable red with cool undertones. Fantasy is a rich mauve with brown undertones. Awesome lipsticks for an awesome price!

Star Y.

I love these lipsticks! They are probably one of my favorite lipsticks. Something really weird happend for me. Classy used to be this light mauve pink color and recently i bought 3 different tubes and it was extremely dark and looked like seductive so i feel like it was mislabeled or something. These are cheap so it doesn't have the nicest packaging and it breaks really easy. It is creamy and sometimes the texture just doesn't feel right on my lips but once i get used to it, these are amazing. I love classy, nostalgic, and charming. Overall, I would recommend this product and try to get colors you will wear so you don't end up with a color you don't like.

Nicole L.

I recently just bought two new ELF lipsticks, none of these colors, but the two that I bought were very pigmented! I was surprised because these lipsticks are only one dollar and are great!

Zipporah K.
Say WHAT only a dollar!!

Yes only a dollar for these lipsticks. These are really good lipsticks and are soo pigmented. These are very creamy almost to creamy because i have them melt before but for the price its not so back because you could just go get another one and not break the bank. I have tried almost all of the colors and my favorite one is captivating and flirtatious. I would say that the staying power is pretty good about a good hour or so and it doesnt dry out my lips to much!!

Carelen C.
Pretty darn good!

I love this lipstick for color and easy application. When first applied, it's smooth and creamy, but the longer I wear it, I find that it tends to dry out. However, that's easily fixed by just applying a balm before the lipstick.

Lacey F.

LOOVE! these are really great, pigmented and smooth. ,along with all of the essential products. the only downside is the packaging it is very crappy! so i recommend buying some containers to put these lipsticks in because the product in the packaging is loose. so it may get all smushed in the lid.

Laura C.
Great Color

For one dollar I think it is a great deal. I also like that they give great color and moisturize your lips at the same time. I like to pair it with the ELF lip glosses.