Eyeliner Brush

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Jocelyne R.

This really is great for gel or pressed liners. I couldn't do straight lines if my life depended on it, so this was a life saver! I use this with the e.l.f. studio cream eyeliner, and it's great. It's so hard to find great quality for such a great price!

Dallas Lynne S.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked into the store and seen I could get an eyeliner brush for only $1. I bought is because I needed some professional eye shadow brushes and I would have to say I love it! I use it not only for eye liner but for smaller areas like my eyebrows. This is defiantly something I would recommend buying.

Diana G.

i love my elf liner brush its a must have for me i use it daily sadly i dont use it for liner i use it for my brows i think it works best there since its soft it allows for niceand even application.

Valencia F.

I use this for various makeup application techniques. Of course I use it for eye lining (tight lining especially). I also use it to define the eye brows by applying concealer to the brush. If they are stained I just get rid of them and buy more. They are only a dollar.

Tiffany G.

Oh $1 eyeliner brush how i love thee... this is a great brush for appyling both gel and pressed eyeliners. It is a little hard it fully clean this brush, but I stilll like it.

Tyni R.
Money well-spent!

I wanted a push liner brush so I can tight-line using gel liner. This is perfect for that natural tight-line look. I'm going to run out of eyeliner soon so I bought this just in time! It's easier to tightline using gel liner now! :)

Jacquelyn Marie H.
Great for cat eyes!

The stiffness of this brush is quite perfect for me. Love using it with the cream eyeliner rather than the dinky brush u get with the eyeliner. Good for getting a nice consistent line. Brush does seem to stain with some smudge proof eyeliner due to the color. I would like it much better if the bristles were black or even brown.

Star Y.
Like it, but Don't love it

I tried using this with gel or cream liner and it just didn't work for me. I couldn't get the line to be thin. I can't also do any straight line but that is probably from the lack of not knowing how to use these kinds of brushes. I tend to use angled eyeliner brushes or the elf essential concealer brush for eyeliner. I do use this to line the lash line and pushing the liner in(i don't remember what that term is).I like this brush but I don't use it everyday or reach for it. Overall, I would recommend this product to try out but this just did not work for me.