Eye Widener


Melissa B.
Works Fine For Me

This goes on smoothly for me, doesn't tug at my eye, blends out easily too. I like to use this in the inner corner of my eye then add some white shadow over it. I also use this under my eyeshadow sometimes to make the colors pop a little more. I don't like the sharpener on the cap, it gets too messy, they should have just included a separate pencil sharpener. The other thing is I wish this was a matte white not a metallic/pearl finish. I wouldn't purchase this again only because wet n wild has one thats matte white for $1 thats more white than this one and just works better. But I do think it's a decent product.

Amanda H.
Great for highlights

E.L.F Eye Widener is amazing for highlights, it is smooth and blends very well. Also love the built in sharpener in the cap, makes daily makeup application alot easier when you can just cap your product and spin the lid to sharpen it up!

M D.
Not great for lower waterline...

... but it does work well for high lighting under your eyebrow or cheekbones because it's so creamy and blends pretty well. It also has lots of shimmer to it, so I don't like it for the lower waterline. Also, it's creaminess causes it to fade fast on your waterline. So, use it for a backup highlighter I guess.

Kaitlin K.
Doesn't stay on ur waterline!!

This is meant for ur waterline, right? I thought so. Well, I can't see it! I like it as a highlight, but that's not what I bought it for. :/ I have to cake it on my lower lashes in order to see it.

Charm W.
Just a white eye pencil

Doesn't go on as smoothly for me as it says it should. Hard to blend in my opinion. Once that white line is there....it's there. For $1 if you want a white eye pencil then buy this one unless you find one cheaper.

Star Y.

I have the same problem with the Brightening eyeliner as well, it's way TOO creamy! It smudges everywhere and it doesn't last all day for me. I thought it was going to be matte and did not expect it to have shimmer in it so i was so disappointed in it. I know it works for people but not for my oily sensitive eyes. I would not recommend this product if you have watery eyes like me. Yes, I did try setting it with an eyeshadow and that was just a disaster. Overall, I would skip on this product but always give it a try because everyone has different complexions. Just because it didn't work for me, doesn't mean it work for you.

Khayeko T.

yeah that's right... not really like their eye widener! yeah,it's cheap but not that good.... better go for URBAN DECAY! It really works guys.... you should try it sometimes.... or also MAC...

Monica M.
I Can't Even See It!

This product is very creamy and workable but if you do what it is used for, which is lining your water line, then you can't even see it! Might as well not put something on that makes no enhancing difference whats so ever! This gives a very reflective white appearance but when you put it on your waterline it does not reflect off of any light so you cannot see it. Like some other people said, it is a creamy mess! if you do try to put it on your waterline it gets all over your lower eyelashes. Also, during the day it fades away and makes its way under your eye. A glistening under eye! That's NOT helping with my dark circles! Overall, this is just another cheap product that does nothing for you.

Pros: *Cheap *Love the built in pencil sharpener! Cons: *TOO creamy *Invisible *Just bad :(

Michelle C.

Too creamy! It is a hot mess when i put it on. It always ends up all under my eyes. I got it in the newlywed collection so i technically didnt pick it out but I would not buy this even if its cheap.