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Endless Eyes Pro Eye Shadow Palette


Danae Z.

I have been enjoying this product for months. The colors are very well pigmented & blend easily with not only the same brand but others as well. It's cheap in price but high in quality. I highly recommend it!

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Careeza C.

I love this pallete. The colors are vibrant and very easy to apply. It has many great colors and it is very affordable. Forget all the other expensive palletes lol

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Gabrielle K.

i love e.l.f. products! They are very cheap bu tthey are also very good! This palette gives you a thousand possibilities, which i love! I have nothing bad to say about e.l.f.!

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Jordan Alexis S.

I got this for an early christmas gift from my best friend and omg i have only used it a million times since...I love it amazing colors and it is such a good variety !

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Zipporah K.

This eyeshadow palette is awesome to start out with you dont have a lot of shadows and your just starting out your collection or if you just love makeup like i do and want a lot of colors to choose from. I use this palette every week for my makeup look because it is a pigmented palette and i usually dont have to look for any other shadows in my collection because most of the time it is all right there. Very convient for those who are in a rush and dont have a lot of time to dig through a lot of makeup. These shadows for the most part are true to color when used with a primer. A little bit of a downside but still ok to me is that they are a little bit powdery or chalky but one on the lid and blended out you cant even tell the difference. I love this palette and would recommend it to anyone!!

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Barbie V.
Great price

ELF has done it again. This palette has endless color combination possibilities and the price is ridiculously cheap. Some colors are not as pigmented as they could be but for the price you really are getting what you pay for. Bottom line, for $10 they get the job done and there are so many colors to choose from.

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Jorden B.

I was surprised when I found this for only $10 in target. Some of the "brighter" colors in the palette weren't as pigmented as I would have liked, but for such a low price you can't really ask for that much. It's great for if you're just starting out though.

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Erica L.
Worth the $10!

I saw this at Target and couldn't believe the price for the amount of product, so I just had to buy it! It's a great variety of color and can be used on the eyes, cheeks, and lips! I've used the product on all three areas of my face and I loved the color payoff. If you want a lot of product for a cheap price, this would be the product.

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Lisa M.
Don't expect too much.
Lisa M.'s Review Image

You get 100 eye shadows in once convenient palette for very little money. E.L.F. is very hit and miss and this palette is no different. I, personally, like mine. I don't love it for the fact that some shadows are not pigmented at all. They barely show up on me. But others, they work really well and make up for the wonky ones. I still think it's worth the $10 I paid for mine.

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Christina N.
When applied w/high quality brushes and built up gradually, they get the job done!

For color selection on a budget, these shadows get the job done *with* the right brushes. When used with the ELF brushes the shadows don't work as well as when used with higher quality brushes (I used MAC). They also need to be built up and layered if you want more pop. They are a bit chalky and grainy so there is fallout. Primer improves the color depth. I have found that some of the colors 'muddy' together canceling each other out, so that's something to watch out for. You get what you pay for and these work for those who can't spend a lot on higher end palettes but want to play with color. Overall you can achieve decent results. Wouldn't recommend these for photo shoots.

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