Studio Eyeshadow "C" Brush

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Kalyn A.
Good brush for the money

This brush is really soft, short, and dense. It works like a charm for packing on shadow and picks up product really well. It's nothing that's going to change your world, but most eye brushes aren't. I'd definitely recommend it since it's a nice brush for an unbeatable price.

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Jen P.

This brush is great! I got it at Target for $3 and it really is wonderful, especially for the price. It works really well for packing on eyeshadow and blends nicely. It's become part of my daily makeup routine. :)

Dinah D.
I use this brush everyday!

I love this brush. I bought it a little over a year ago, and it is still in good condition for the three dollars that I spent online for it. I love it. Its good at picking up my shadows and packs on color nicely. It makes shadows easy to blend, too. Love this.

Kaoma V.

Love this product honestly because of its price. It is not the besy quality because when I washed it it did shed on me and through out time it will get rough, but for its price it is totally worth it!

Anneka F.
Love it!

This is an awesome brush - the whole studio line of brushes from ELF are great. I got this in their 11 piece set I just bought. Its soft, easy to clean and taklon! The best kind of brush! Definitely a winner.

Donna M.
Must have brush!

AWESOME! this brush was included in the e.l.f 11 piece brush set i recently purchased. I've only used it a few times and I am sold! It's inexpensive...it's only $3!..professional quality, and professional results. Morning makeup is so much easier with this brush. The bristle are soft, the "C" shape of the brush is perfect eyeshadow application to the eye lids, just a couple of sweeps is all it takes. I've never gotten results with my other eyeshadow brushes as i have with the "C" brush.

Nikki S.
love it!

I really love this brush, I use it to apply my highlight color most of the time, but it also works nicely to pack color onto the lid if you're doing an all over wash of color. Awesome buy for only 3 bucks. Definitely recommend!

Matilda E.
Great brush!

I just got this brush and I already love it! Perfect when you're gonna cover with color all over the eyelid. Easy to pick up the shadow with and feels good to hold in the hand.

Brittany R.
favorite shader brush!

this is better than my MAC shader brushes by far! It packs on color nicely & is an awesome price for only $3 i believe..? The bristles are very soft & I have had this brush for almost 2 yrs and it hasnt shed at all & looks brand new!!

Jessica Y.
i really like it

this brush is great to get a color into the crease and to smoke colors out and for $3 thats a good deal i love that amazing bursh soft but stiff to work on the crease :)