Brightening Eye Color


Samantha M.
A miniture version of the NAKED PALETTE

The perfect summer look is using the NAKED palett's SIN VIRGIN SIDECAR and HUSTLE! The E.L.F.'s palette "Day 2 Night" is an almost exact palette! Love this palette so much, much for travel friendly too(:

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Star Y.
Travel Size Goodness

I don't think these eyeshadows get enough love. I own all of the quads and i can say that some are not as pigmented as others but overall they all work really well. They are my everyday and 80% most reached shadows. Yes, some colors are chalky and not as pigmented but we all know that e.l.f. has a horrible consistency for their products. I love the combinations of the quads and love how tiny it is because it's so convenient for traveling. The other drawback i have with these quads is just the triangle shape shadows. When i hit pan on the shadows, the middle is completely gone but in the corners there will be some shadow left that my eyeshadow brush can't reach. Overall, i would recommend this product to try out and it's great for traveling.

Emily W.
Handy little palettes for a girl on the go!

I love these little quads for travel or quick touchups away from home. There are several great color combos and in general the shadows are pigmented and apply well. Occasionally there will be a slightly chalky or sheer color, but that isn't enough to deter me from recommending these. After all, for $1 what have you got to lose?

Ashley G.

Drama is an amazing Product from e.l.f. I can create a great Smokey Eye! I can do a great highlight with the white! I can use it in a multi way! ie cheeks, browbone, & the bridge of my nose! Amazing Makeup!

Adria V.
So pigmented!

I love the black and white in this quad. It has a great matte white that I use daily! The silvers are perfectly shimmery! I love it! and for $1? yes!

Linda E.
<3 it

I wanted a bright purple shadow and a blue to experiment. I was so happy with the price and how well the colors played together. I tried a couple looks with it and loved everyone of them :)

Roxana L.
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I really love this eyeshadow from ELF. The colors are stunning and they last really long. I used it with rlf primer and elf blending brush. For 2$ it it very great:)

Lauren K.

I love these, great value for money and the pigmentation is awesome, for only a dollar. I have 5 and I love them all, they work great and stay on all day! Definately getting some more!

Vanessa G.
Great Quality

I personally Love these little palettes! Considering how cheap they were, I was a little skeptical, because I thought the quality was going to be cheap as well.. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that that wasn't the case. They are highly pigmented and apply really smoothly :) Overall I would purchase these again, and you definitely can't beat the price!

Elizabeth C.
love them

these quads are so pigmented, i have 3 of them, these would be good for a someone who is just experementing with makeup. and for only $1 you can get all the quads they have. the only thign is the packaging, is to small wish they would make the pans diffrent but other then that very good eyeshadow. hope this helps. - elizabeth-