Blending Eye Brush

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Jaclyn N.

The quality of the brush is great. I've had it for months and the brush hairs have never come loose. It picks up a lot of product but is a little bit too dense to be a blending brush for darker colors in my opinion. It just doesn't appear as nicely blended out and doesn't allow colors to smoothly transition because the brush hairs are so tight together.

Monique S.

This brush allows precise blending, I like this for blending cream products. Blending comes out diffused and subtle.

Ek T.

It is really affordable and I think if we consider the price and the quality, it is really good and ideal. I use it all the time. I recommend it.

HakaGlamz M.

Its ok i guess lol I won't say its the ideal blending brush, its very dense and the tip is a bit small, but for the price, hey! can't go wrong, who's complaining...not me!

Star Y.
Great Eye Brush

Loving this brush as an eyeshadow brush. I use this brush for my crease and it works really well. Sometimes I am able to blend out my eyeshadows with this brush and sometimes I just can't but its not the brush's fault and more of mine because i prefer using a different brush. I have about 3 of these and it's a good brush to add to your collection. Overall, I would recommend this brush to everyone to try out.

Lillee T.
uhm not for me!

Now I used to love this brush . Once I bought a lot of Mac brushes I relized this is not offering what I need . It does not blend like a "pro" but I will say I agree it did get the job done

Tyni R.
Cheap + Good = Great!

It costs $3 in my country but I guess that's pretty cheap compared to the other brands. It works great and the small bristle helps reach/blend my lower lids as well. The size is just the perfect size for traveling.

Cheramy K.

This has to be my all time favorite brush! I use it with every look I do. It's blends like a dream, it's the perfect size, and it's only one DOLLAR! I have small eyes but it still fits perfectly into my crease and outer corner. I've created full looks using just this brush!

Davia G.
Love this lil thing

I love, love , did I say love this lil brush! I am suprised how little shadow it takes with this brush to make a big bang! I am loving the price the ease of getting E.L.F products! I am amazed that this lil brush beat out my 25$ "pro" tool! Great Investment

Roxana L.
Photo of product included with review by Roxana L.

With this brush I feel like a makeup artist when I am blending ^^. :)) It works, it is not so soft, but at least it does her job :)