EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone Brush Set & Bag

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Jessica B.
You just can't lose with these

Everything about these brushes is awesome. The bamboo and recycled metal materials are sustainable, but also look beautiful. The bristles are cruelty-free, super soft, and distribute product evenly. These are also some of the most affordable AND well crafted brushes out there. Ecotools brushes are the best I've ever used, and you can get them anywhere. Seriously, go buy them.

Sandra L.

Seriously, if you have not tried these brushes your loosing your money out there. They are wonderful, very soft, you can wash them and they won't loose their natural shape/color, no hairs will falls off and they just do a very good job. I've had these brushes for over 2 years and i used them everyday but they still work very well. I'm probably going to buy a whole new set because 2 years is a lot. But anyways definitely buy this and you'll fall in love with them just as I did.

Samantha C.

I am a big fan of the mini foundation brush. In fact, all the brushes are my favorites. Most makeup kits are overloaded with a million brushes, but this bag provides you with the essentials. One for foundation, blush, powder, eyes, and brows--that's it. The brushes are soft and easy to clean, and the pretty bag holds almost all of the makeup stuff I use everyday.

Molly C.
Eco-friendly, affordable, and a great product!

I've bought a few different brands of drugstore brushes, but at the end of the day I'll always reach for my ecotools set. The blush brush is the softest I've ever used and distributes the product far better than some I've used in the past. The foundation brush works amazingly without streaking and has eliminated almost all need for makeup sponges. I used the eyeshadow brush in this kit to replace my old ecotools eyeshadow brush, which I had turned into a lip brush because I preferred the shape to classic lip brushes. All of these brushes are very soft, washable, and amazing to use. Go buy them, like right now. These brushes are amazing!