Lip Venom

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Sarah M.

Just bought this, read all the mixed reviews and had to try it myself! Must say packaging is cute.. The lip gloss tube is a little small.. I felt the tingling almost instantly.. It does not burn my lips it just feels minty! In terms of plumping.. There's maybe a 5% difference .. Not too sure how I feel about it.

lol, I remember this from high school! honestly I can't comment on whether it's effective or not with complete certainty, but that burning, tingling sensation sure will make your lips feel like they are swollen and plumped up. I think I like this more for nostalgia reasons, the stinging effect is a lot of fun. as a gloss it's actually pretty nice and keeps your lips soft. and it's just a fun product! bonus, the rush of blood to the lips this causes will make them ruddier.

Grace F.

As someone with thin lips I've tried a lot of plumper's and like the rest I don't feel like I see a difference. But, alas I love the tingle and glisten it gives my lips!

Angela V.

I love how this makes my lips feel.. I love that it starts to tingle right away and then makes my lips feel fuller and has a great color to them. This is a small vial so I only use it once and a while because it is a tad pricey but I believe its a good buy and I will buy it again and again and again

Nu Nu Dollie N.
Beautiful Plump lips in a little vial.

This does exactly what it promises, plumps your lips for the whole night. I have full lips, but if I want that extra sexiness, I apply this, and my lips are gorgeous! You only need a tiny little bit, no need to coat your whole lips, I like applying it to the corners of my upper lips. The vial lasts me a few months if I use it only when I go out. There's no need to use this everyday. It stings, and I've head some people have complained about it burning, but I've gotten used to it, and it doesn't even phase me anymore. If the stinging or burning really bothers you, try applying over a lipstick. :) Deff a must have for anyone who wants sexy lips! :)!

Chyna W.

This is one of my favorite glosses hands down! I already have full lips so I never notice the plumping effect but all in all it's a great gloss that is lasting. The tingling doesn't bother me...a lot of lip-plumping products do the same thing. I love it!

Angela W.
Nothing's gonna really plump your lips.

It might burn like hell and make you wish you didn't put it on though. I over-exfoliated my lips one day and then made the mistake of putting this on aterward- ouchie. It's a nice consistency... not sticky or anything.. but it can't really deliver any serious results. For the price I think I'll just stick with my MAC lipglass instead.

Suz B.
Mild love

I want to love this product. I love the plumping, the staying power, the color. I dislike that it does dry out my lips. I use it only on special occasions when plump lips are really important to me. I wish it did not dry me out. I would use it all the time. I have had friends say it burns them when they put in on (the essential oils). While I feel the tingle, to me it is not unpleasant.