Visibly Smooth Wild Rose Anti-Perspirant Deodorant


Tiffany F.
My Holy Grail Stink Stick :)

After years of using Secret and being totally pissed off and unhappy because it would ruin my bras and shirts, I went on a mission to find the perfect deodorant/anti-persperant for me. I found it in this product! Not only does it keep me smelling good, and dry as a bone...but it doesn't ruin my clothes, and it also keeps my armpits very very soft - I haven't had those red shaving bumps since I started using this product. It also slows down the time inbetween shaving, so you don't have to stress if you miss a day. I know its a strange subject or thing to talk about, but my armpits have never looked so nice. I don't get selfconcious when I'm wearing strapless or sleeveless shirts because I know I'm going to be protected from smelling bad, and that my armpits are going to be smooth and soft.

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Sierra Marie T.

I always come back! This is my favorite deodorant! I've tried so many other deodorants and this one keeps your armpits smelling fresh all day!

Pros: Smells amazing and keeps armpits fresh all day Cons:None Would I purchase this product again:YES

Alannah R.

After using so many different products trying to find the PERFECT one, i finally found it. This is one of the best deodorants i used ever. Good smell and great quality.

Bekah A.

I LOVE this. I had those red bumps from shaving and from razor burn, and after only two -three weeks of using this, they were gone! And it keeps me smelling fresh and dry. And it also leave my armpits really smooth.

Shana R.
smells soo great

I use all kinds of Dove products and I love this deodorant. keeps you fresh and your clothes clean!!! The scent is wonderful and soft. Also its resonably priced. Dove is a maker of may fine products and I reccomend you try this for your self!

Latia C.
I like it

I like this deodorant. It smells nice and I can tell that whenever I remove hair from under my arms and use this, it makes my hair feel smoother as it grows out so that I don't feel that annoying stubble. I think it goes make the hair finer, but I'm not sure. This is my favorite deodorant and I would suggest trying it out for yourself to see if you like it.

Amber L.
its great but....

okay so this one the ultimate one in pink is great soft creamy and great for sensitive skin the one that says go sleeveless recently started giving me a rash if i shave so not the best im pretty sure its the deoderant