Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo


Michelle S.

This was the VERY first one I tried I havent used it in a while. It was good and I love the smell I just HATE the white dusty looking stuff it leaves in your hair. I have Brown hair and when I was done using it it Looked gery. So if you use it really close to the scalp I think you will be okay! But for me one time buy. Even though it does leave me hair less greasy and smelling great. sorry Dove!

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Jessica O.
Aerosol Glitch

I purchased this product because there are days I don't have time to wash my hair after the gym. I tried a little area and it was chalky white. Although I must say, it smelled fresh! The next day, I was ready to pack it in my gym bag and the bottle was light and empty! I pushed the nozzle and nothing. I didn't feel a leak. I threw away my receipt which was not a smart idea on my behalf. So as a consumer, I gave them a call. They were able to take care of the issue for me. The unfortunate news is that I was not the first to call in and likely not the last one either.

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Leslie L.
Girls doubting, read this!!

This product works incredibly great, and is such a time saver!! It smells delightful, and doesn't leave the baby powder look! And another plus: the price!! I thought I would have to invest tons to find a decent dry shampoo but dove outdid themselves! Readers who may doubt purchasing because of all the reviewers saying that there was product left, but it failed to dispense, be wary! The nozzle was clogged! The same thing happened with my Tresemme dry shampoo (which didn't work at all. Was a waste of my time and money. I ended up showering anyways) when this happens, all you do is run the nozzle underneath warm water and voila! It is unclogged. I would so recommend this!! It will work wonders for you! :)

Lyndsie  T.

not a huge dry shampoo fan but this takes the greasy look away magically smells great but does make hair feel brittle great if you don't have washing time and are on the go one of my hands down favs

Caity W.

It works very good and was quite affordable. It gets rid of the greasy feeling and it makes my hair soft and shiny. It doesn't smell bad either. I would recommend this to a friend :)

Kelly O.
does its job and more

I like this dry shampoo a lot. In order to get the correct results you have to apply it right! Part your hair in a few different areas around your head near the face and spray the dry shampoo at the roots, about 8 inches away. I find it very effective at absorbing oil as well as giving my hair a little more body and volume. It doesn't give me the grey hair look at all. I also really like the smell :)

Hi C.
Awesome smell

It smells absolutely amazing! I cant even explain it, it just smells so fresh! I am happy with this product and highly recommend it. It works wonders for my thick oily hair and doesn't leave a powdery residue.

Celeste P.
Beauty lifesaver.

I'm on my 5th bottle of Dove Dry Shampoo and I love it! It smells great, doesn't grease up during wear, and does exactly what a dry shampoo should. I have a lot of hair, and some days I just can't bother to wash, blow-dry and curl it all. Dove Dry Shampoo has been a beauty lifesaver. Also, I can't even begin to tell you how many compliments I've gotten on the scent— I end up getting nuzzled because it smells so good!

To apply, I section off my hair, spray the roots in small bursts, massage it into my scalp for a minute, and then brush it out. It really helps add volume to my hair, too.

I've tried Psst (smells like the elderly), SG Salon Grafix & Suave (ran out quickly, scents are too strong), Marc Anthony 2 Day (works but is $10-12, as compared to Dove being $5), Tresemmé (the worst!), and Oscar Blandi ($$$). I'm not kidding, this is the best one.

One bottle lasts me at least a month and a half with regular use, which is about two to three times a week. I haven't yet gotten a defective bottle but I will say that the packaging has changed since the first time I purchased this in April 2012.

I can't speak for everyone else, but I love my bottle of Dove and I hope they won't discontinue it!

Kelsie R.

Love this dry shampoo. It makes my hair smell amazing! This doesn't make my hair feel chalky as some others do it lasts a long time I don't have to do any touch ups throughout the days i wear it. Plus at around 3.50 to 4.00 dollars a can you can't beat it!

Kandy S.
Only one flaw!

I love using this product in the morning before work. It makes my hair feel refreshed and sooo good. The only problem is that when I use it,I need to be extremely careful because my hair,being a dark brown, gets stained white if I spray too much or too close. It looks almost dusty. Other than that it is affordable,great smelling and effective!