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Leg and Body Cover


Lexie W.
wonderful product

I bought this when I worked at Ulta because the shade Ivory was the LIGHTEST pink based foundation I'd ever seen in my life and the coverage is the only thing I've used that can actually cover the freckles under my eyes. yes, this is for leg and body, but I asked all the estheticians I worked with and they all said it should be ok for my face and it never once broke me out or caused me a problem. The only downside to this product is that it DOES smudge, even with setting powder and primer, and it reacts horribly with oil. By the end of the day,I can wipe my makeup right off my skin with my finger if I wanted to. Aside from that, I'd buy it over and over again because you cannot beat the size of the bottle at that price, and the coverage is SO amazing that I can deal with having to touch up throughout the day. It's not like Im not constantly touching up for no reason anyway ;)

Amanda G.
Could have been great.

I am REALLY pale and needed this product to cover a tattoo. Used the tattoo primer to cancel out the tattoo before using the foundation. But after about 30 minutes, the foundation dries to about 3 shades darker than what it is when wet, rendering my arm completely unnatural looking. Really saddening, but hey! I tried. If you have one that matches your skin tone, it would be awesome. It certainly covers well, just too dark for me.