VolumeExact Mascara


Sheyna S.
better than the high end brands

I tried chanel, dior, mac...eventually went back to this one. Nothing compares.....cover girl may be found on the mass cosmetics walls of department stores but this is a high end quality product

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Hayley S.

Reviewing for my mom - She loves the way it goes on and how it doesn't clump. She also loves how smooth it is, and she would highly recommend this mascara!

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Dani C.

I actually liked this mascara. Being asian, I have short straight lashes, but this definitely gives volume and a little length too. It doesn't hold curl as much as I'd like, but I'm not complaining that much. My mom bought this for me since she liked it so much too. The finish was nice and didn't clump at all. Doesn't smudge either (at least not from what I've seen yet). Definitely a repurchase for me!

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Amanda W.
verrrrrrry good, tied for my absolute favorite.

I *FINALLY* found a waterproof mascara that isn't grosser than three day old banana pancakes!!!

Volume mascaras are not usually my thing. They clump and I just prefer the look of more natural, long, dark lashes to full and overly dramatic looking ones. But this.....this makes me reconsider.

This mascara is BLACK, flakes off, but SERIOUSLY lasts. If I dont take make up remover to it at night, it'll still be there in the morning, albeit oddly crooked and smooshed from sleep.

I also love how well this volumizes aaaaaaaaaand lengthens my lashes without clumping or whathaveyou.

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Ashley D.
Good, not great.

I remember liking this mascara, but it was nothing I'd buy again. It was ok, but there are better ones out there. If you like easy application and not too much volume but enough to show you have lashes, this mascara would work for you. I used to wear this when I was in my teens as an on-th-go mascara.