Queen Collection Natural Hue Liquid Makeup


Kendra H.

This is my FAVORITE foundation EVER! I started using it in high school, about 4 years ago, and I have been using it everytime I've put on makeup ever since! Works really well for woman of color of all skin types, especially dark skin lones! If you have a hard to match skin color as I do, this collection will work for you! <3

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Cawansa R.
My one and only!!

I absolutely love this foundation! I wear the almond glow and it matches my skin flawlessly!!! It goes on smooth and it last all day long. I set it with Cover Girls translucent powder and whala!!! Beauty!!!

Arait M.

One of my favourite foundations, its light weight, easy to apply (I use a sponge), doesn't make my face excessively oily ( especially being that I don't have to use lot) and it gives you a bright lifted look. I can't remember right now which one it is but its either almond glow or amber glow that I use...This foundation is right up there with Mac studio fix fluid/

Cecilie R.

I really like this foundation, it matches my skin tone perfectly and gives me a nice glow along with it. I look radiant with this stuff, I definitely recommend it if your having trouble finding a foundation to match your skin tone

Marie M.
Good skin matching but not much else

I bought this foundation from a local Publix in my area and got it one shade too dark. Then I purchased the shade Spicy Brown, and I loved it. I just wish there was a little less red. I have oily skin and the formulation was a bit heavy. The foundation rubbed off on my clothes, and oxidized a bit. It could be better.