Olay Simply Ageless Concealer


Laurie A.
great corrector

As someone that has dark circles, this works great. I use it under a concealer and you cant tell that i have dark circles. The product blends really well and doesnt crease or goes away.

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Nancy-Lee C.
Leightweight concealer

So I use a brush to apply this concealer (Sonia Kashuk #14), it allows me to blend the olay with the product and not have any white streaks. It is super creamy and very easy to work with. I do not consider myself one with dark circles but you don't have to have dark circles to use this, it gives my foundation a more uniform look.

Now if you follow me or have read my reviews you'll know, I'm not a big foundation wearer, I'm a powder girl. But that's just it - I can use it with powder only. Now i'm not saying everyone can do that but I can so maybe you can too.

I found the Olay part to be cooling. My eyes looked brighter and I was more uniform from eyes to cheeks. It was not the longest lasting product, I would have to retouch if I was in need of a long-wearing face. Nor was it a heavy coverage concealer. It is lightweight, easy to apply and never settled into my creases. *Doesn't like the word wrinkles* It's moist without being greasy.

The vessel seals tight. Oddly enough the product shrunk over a period of time (it's a year old or a little more, now but I noticed it about 5 months in) I'm thinking *no proof just thought* that some of the Olay might have evaporated causing the concealer to look cracked or dried out - it is not dried out, it still works fine.

Would I buy it again? I would probably 'try' something else at a similar price point, $14 but could easily see myself returning to this concealer. I wish there was a small brush applicator included. It could so easily be built into the base.

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Jamie V.
a must have

I'd heard a lot of great things about this concealer, so I decided to check it out. I had been using my Hard Candy Glamoflage concealer, but it is just too heavy for under eyes, so I needed a change! I LOVE this concealer. It not only covers, but I adore that it is also a moisturizer for my under eye area as well. I will definitely be repurchasing again and again. This has become a staple product in my collection.

Dawn M.

This is great to use for spot concealing blemishes or light acne on the face. However, if you're looking to conceal dark circles underneath your eyes, I would probably go with the eye corrector! It's in the same packaging. This product is awesome either way! I think the white cream that's swirled in between really helps to brighten up the under eye area as well!

Melissa B.

I don't know what I would do without this concealer, everything I try just can't even come close to how much I love this. Now I have 2 of these, light and the corrector. If you are planning on getting one of these for dark circles then you need the corrector, it has that orange undertone that will cancel out the them ugly dark circles and let me tell you this corrector really covers up some major discoloration. Now the light one I don't like for my under eyes, it's just too light and the blue tones of the dark circles ultimately show through. But as Nancy below me said, it does work good at as a regular face concealer. This is because it has such great staying power, especially when set by powder. I have found that these do not sink into fine lines, but I always set my under eyes with a powder straight after applying concealer. Also I do have pretty dry skin and these do not cling to dry flakes on your face and these have never got cakey on me either. Overall I say this is totally worth a try and worth the price considering how much product you get.

Annie S.

Honestly, the concealer is even better than the foundation. Extra creamy, smooth and blends well! I'm new to concealers/foundations but this one works wonders. It helps hide my blemishes, dark circles and any other dark spots. It's so affordable and I would recommend everyone to give it a try.

AlmostStylish X.
A Must Have

I use this product for everything, from undereye circles, acne scars, to redness.. This can correct it all.. I go over it with my foundation and it doesnt budge.. Great all around product everyday product..

Melissa B.
Miracle Product

I have 2 of these. One in light and the other is the eye corrector. Now let me just say i would die if these got discontinued! Me and my boyfriend both have horrid dark eye circles and these work the best at covering them and they are so cheap. Plus the packaging and the product itself is adorable! These go on so easy, and are easy to blend. They make me look more awake, i usually look tired because i don't get much sleep and the dark circles don't help! Thanks covergirl for this miracle product.

Asha M.

I didn't believe this product would work very well because it's drugstore makeup, but I heard good things about it so I decided to try it out. It works AMAZING, and I can use it for pretty much any acne problem or under-eye circles. It's only around $10 to $12, so it's cheap and still works well. This definitely a product that should be used for anyone who has blackheads, pimples/acne, under-eye circles, blemishes, etc.

Lindsey L.
I Even Got My Sister's To Start Buying It

Quality makeup is expensive. Hunting around for the best product for your buck is a task of trial and error as you may not like product. Covergirl’s new concealer should be your answer to any concealer needs. Never a fan of buying drug store brands, this is a new product I fully endorse. The hues are perfect for a lot of skin tones and it covers as effectively as MAC or other expensive companies.