Loose Powder


Nykki B.
This powder is is GREAT! :)

I use this powder everyday, I love it. It has to be one of my favorite products. I really love the smell. It reminds me of old school makeup. It takes me back to my childhood just by smelling it! I feel like it belongs in a bowl with one of those huge puffs. I honestly can't say anything bad about this product! It is the PERFECT finishing powder! :) Get it!

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Melissa B.

I say this is average because I do use it when I run out of my other powders, but normally i would not reach for this product and wouldn't purchase it again. First off the smell just really makes me sick, it's so strong and just strange smelling. It sets the make-up fine and makes your foundation stay in place for about 4 maybe 5 hours. But it gets cakey very easily and if you have dry skin like me, it will cling to every dry spot on your face and make it look worse. If you have oily skin, this powder may work great for you, but still be aware that it cakes easily. I would not say this is translucent like it claims, I would say it would only work for light skin. Another thing, I noticed that the product balls up in the package, and no I don't store this in my bathroom. The packaging is not good at all, the plastic on this is very cheap and breaks easily so be careful not to drop this. Overall, there are better drugstore powders out there and some are even cheaper than this powder.

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Angela V.

I use this because its cheap.. When I have nothing else I go to this because I have easy access to it because you can find it in every drugstore around here.. As long as you don't use to much it doesn't look to cakey its when u really pile it on then you have the cakey face.. I would recommend this to people that have a hard time affording makeup or cant get to a high end shop