Lipslicks Lipgloss


Victoria D.

I bought this because I thought it'd be like a tinted lipbalm. Well, I was almost right. It definitely gives you just a hint of color, not overwhelming or incredibly distracting, but oh my god, this smells HORRIBLE! You know that old lady, ive-been-wearing-this-lipstick-for-12-years smell? Yeah. That's what it smells like. I've been trying to convince myself to use this up, since I don't want to have wasted the money on it, but by god, putting it on nearly gags me! Great idea, lack of attention to the smell!

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Julia D.

This product is so gross! They smell bad and taste bad! These are so overpriced and not worth it! The smoochies are SO much better! Don't even bother buying them! These are cheap, nasty, cakey, overpriced, and PLAIN OUT EWW!!

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Pamela K.
Cheap and cakey

I only used this once and was sorely disappointed. The pigment sucked and it dried out my lips pretty badly. I don't remember which color I used but I wanted something with a rich tint and this made me feel like I was wearing play makeup for little girls.

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Holly K.
I would give it a half a star if I could

This is the worst lip product that I have ever used! The color is supposed to be sheer and and I that's why I wanted to try it. Well the color was certainly sheer but nowhere near the color that it was supposed to be. It felt really oily and nasty on my lips. It taste awful, smells absolutely terrible, and it dried out my lips. I cannot get myself to go near this again. I was very disappointed with this.

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