Lashblast Lux Mascara

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Kenna  S.
Gives a nice look!

Not bad. A good drug store mascara. Thickens, blackens, lengthens, gives such a lovely, clump free dramatic look. So lovely with any makeup look, natural to smokey eye. Xoxo~ Kenna 💕💎

Vivian D.

This is my everyday mascara, it works wonders for my thick lashes! It gives great volume, and the brush does a good job seperating the lashes. Barely any clumps. Love it.

Dinah D.
This is a yes.

This is a beautiful mascara. I like that there isn't too much glitter in it and it makes your eyes catch the light. The bristles of the comb really grab your lashes and comb through them. I adore this mascara.

Maura Z.
Love this!

My lashes are naturally dark brown to black so it looks so natural! I also love the extra sparkle it gives my eyes! They look so bold and natural with volume but not too over done! All of the photos on my profile of my makeup, I used this in!

Sara R.

Hate hate hate hate hate it! dried up sooooo fast! The color I got first was a brown silver color and I really liked the color. Its not like I only tried it once, not twice but three times I really really wanted to like it.

Lauren H.

ive used the black cabernet and black emerald. They're awesome as lashblast always is and I did see a little difference in the color of my eyes. Oddly the scent reminds me of peanut butter and jelly hahah odd i know but that's just me

Santana V.
New go-to and fave

I am almost a mascara feen, i rather have mascara then eye shadow and mascara. I bought this one cuz it has the shimmer in it and i really enjoy this. It give a nice shimmer thats not too flashy. I now wear this everyday, Good buy!

Kathryn V.

LashBlasts are my current favorite mascara because you can get the look you want with minimal flaking and absolutely no smudging. This has almost no shimmer and you can only see it if you look very closely. I mostly buy it because I prefer the pink tube to the orange tube ;)

Toni C.
Very good

I really like this mascara, its very buildable and its like Covergirls Excact Eyelights, just better. I like the formula and it doesn't flake or smear. Only two complanits. Will start to clump after a certian amount of applications and it has a weird smell. Other than that, Its a really good mascara

Valencia F.
Slight Dazzle

I really thought that I would get a little more shimmer out of this product. Only on bright days can you tell that my lashes have a little pep to them. I'd rather sprinkle glitter on my lashes than buy this product again.

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