LashBlast Fusion Mascara

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Kristina C.
Best Mascara EVER!

This is by far my favorite mascara EVER. The regular CoverGirl lash blast in the orange bottle didn't really impress me. I have curly lashes so they tend to appear a little on the short side. But with the Fusion mascara, it definitely adds volume AND length. Highly recommended!

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Ruth B.

This is the best Mascara I have tried so far. It is so beautiful to apply. It separates and lengthens my lashes so well. It doesn't clump at all! :D It does all the things a Mascara should do. <3

Devonne A.

such an amazing product! doesn't clump at all and it gives my lashes so much extra length and volume. and since my lashes are already naturally long and curled, it made them look even better.

Brigette D.

This is definitely my second favorite mascara! I love the way it adds length to my lashes.. I do wish it added a bit more volume but over all I LOVE IT!

Arielle N.

I've been very faithful to this product since it came out. I started with the original LashBlast, but I prefer this. Doesn't clump on my thick lashes and stick them together and I can layer it for a more dramatic look, which I love. I also find it stays on well, too. Hands down, my absolute favorite mascara ever<3

Julia marie C.

This mascara is my go-to mascara! It doesn't clump, the formula is perfect, and it lengthens and volumes your lashes to give a nice bold pop yet leaving your eyelashes looking naturally long. Love it!

Vanessa H.
Used everyday!

This is a wonderful mascara for every occasion. I recommend buying it in 'very black', to ensure that you get the darkest lashes, as well as curling your lashes before hand!

Tianna D.
Best Mascara

I know some girls like to try new mascaras when the come out and I don't blame them. Trying new things is fun. For me however, there is only one mascara I will ever need. Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion is just plain awesome. It is the only mascara I own and will continue to be the only one I buy unless they decide to discontinue it for some reason.

Torrie H.
This stuff is amazing!!!!!!

I will never use another brand of mascara as long as I use makeup.....this lashblast mascara is fantastic !!!! my lashes look fuller, more defined and absolutely gorgeous :) thank u Covergirl!!!!

Emily W.

this is my favorite mascara of all! i tried different kinds, but always went back to this! i even tried lancome, but it wasnt as good as this! the price is amazing, and when im running out i could just go to my nearest drugstore, dont have to go to the mall to get it!