Eye Enhancers 1 Kit Shadows


Katie J.

I've had Tapestry Taupe for about a year and I think it is the perfect everyday neutral shade. You can just apply a light wash for a pretty daytime look or build it up. I've worn it with both black and brown liners and I find it to be flattering with either. This is a must-have basic shade for your collection. The texture is nice, not chalky at all. The price is right on these as well. They're so inexpensive you can afford to try out several.

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Rachelle-Denise  M.
A Must Have

I mainly use this as my "crease color". It's an awesome shade to blend in and create a smoldering eye. But I also use this to darken my waterline whenever I am using my jumbo white eyeliner. It helps to pull of a flawless execution. This product is AWESOME!

Felicia K.
Great Pigmentation for a Great Price!
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These are probably my favorite drugstore eyeshadows, I've only used 2 but they are just fantastic. The two I have swatched are of Indigo Impact and Champagne, once alone and once over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. As you can see the pigmentation is great either way, you could wear these two shadows without any kind of base and they would still look lovely. So Pros: Great Price Lots of Colors Awesome Pigmentation Easy to find Cons: Can't think of any. :) So I would definitely recommend these to anyone.

Stephanie J.

Been using the pink chiffon since I think middle school. I use this in most of my eye make -up looks. I use it with blues, purples, rosie colors, & dark shades etc. love creating the smokey eye with this as well. I also, think it's easy to blend with other colors as well which is why I think I love it so much.

Dawn M.

I only use these in two shades... Black onyx which I use sometimes foiled as a liner, and champagne with I use as a highlight for the eyes and cheek bones. ( I have been using these colors since junior high!) I will stand by these two shades, but they are the only two shades that I have tried. I heard some of the brighter shades tend to run on the chalky side, and none of the other ones really stood out to me so I never purchased those.

Shayla F.
My Favorite Black

I own Shimmering Onyx. I love that it's so deep and extra dark but shimmery. Not glittery, just enough shimmer to make it girly enough to not give off an emo impression LOL. I rock it with bright pinks & purples.

Felicia S.
Great Neutral Shades

I have the shades Tapestry Taupe and Champagne and they are BEAUTIFULLY pigmented!! They're so rich and shimmery! However the less neutral shades I've tried didn't work out as well. Forever Fig was a shade that I tried which was later discontinued. That one had terrible payoff and it was chunky and gross :/ it was deceiving because it looked sooo pretty in the pan but did not wear well on my lids with a primer AND a cream base. However Champagne is a beautiful highlight or lid shade and the taupe is universally flattering on all eye colors/skin tones!

Jennifer B.
It's a good neutral.

It doesn't come close to comparing with a shade in my Too Faced Palette, but it's a nice shade. I use it in my crease to create a very natural look. If you were to swatch this, you have to push a little hard, or more to get some of the pigment out. But for just $3.99, I think it's a great shade that'll last me forever.

Carina C.
My new smokey eye color.

This is too cool. I love it. I usually buy the quads but I fell in love with this color the moment I saw it. I've been looking for a perfect black eyeshadow that doesn't get all ever the place & I think I found it with the shadow.

Angela V.

good choice if only needing 1 color but if you are looking to buy a bunch of colors then I would go with the quads for a little bit more money then you can have 4 colors instead of just 1.. But if you are looking to just get 1 color then go for these.. They are a good drugstore brand