Clean Makeup Oil Control


Marina O.
New favorite foundation

I have found a new love in this foundation. I've been through plenty of foundations, from inexpensive to too expensive, and thought I was happy with my studio fix liquid or my Clinique foundation until I tried this one. I love the way it feels on my skin. It applies on easily and is so easy to blend into your skin. It doesn't feel like I'm wearing foundation, and it doesn't dry with any streaks! It also has lasted me a good amount of time; a very small amount covers my entire face and down to the blending of the neck. Best part!? It really does control breakthrough shine! I've gone from having to blot my face several times to literally just once. I love it!

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Sarah M.
Looks good...far away

I liked how smooth it went on, but it made my skin look cakey. Combined with concealer and powder I really thought it looked awful on me. Instead of covering my blemishes it made them look flaky and dry. It's also difficult to get out of the bottle. I won't be buying this again.

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Autumn C.

Ooh child. Okay, I bought this with great expectations (see what I did there), but this honestly was a huge miss for me. I was so excited because this was made to control oil, but for me, it broke me out something fierce. Which was a bummer because the shade matched me quite well. I wound up having to give it to my sister, because it just started to break me out in not only pimples and blackheads, but I also had an allergic reaction to it. :( I really wanted to love this foundation though.

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Nadia A.
Love this so much!

I bought this product to replace my old coverup and I absolutely love the matte feeling! My skin is so smooth and it covers up blemishes nicely! Most definitely will be buying this again! :)

Stacey T.

I have acne prone skin and dark spots cause by acne. I'm able to layer this on to cover my spots and acne and my pores don't get clogged. It feels way lighter than any other drugstore foundation. I used to apply extra power several times a day, now I barley need to bring my makeup with me to school! This saved my life, and boosted my confidence. I used to be a die hard l'oreal girl. Now I'm a covergirl chick!!! FOREVER! :))

Becca A.

Great coverage, doesn't irritate my skin and doesn't make me break out. i have really sensitive and oily skin, so i went with the oily kind, i like it better then sensitive (: i'm glad i've stayed with it. i love cover girl <3

Tiffany F.
2nd best

i mostly use air brush because its better for my skin type, but this is the best when i dont have the money for the air brush makeup. It controls my oily skin and it gose on smooth.

Julie R.
I really really like this product

I dont usually use a primer everyday so i would say it stays on for a good amount of really does help with oil production. It doesnt look cakey at all and it covers really well. Thumbs up for me

Dawn M.

I expected this to be horrible because of the reviews I've read, but I purchased it and it's great. It's lightweight, it's light coverage, and it's very blendable. It is a dewy finish so I like to set it with a powder to make it matte.

However, I wouldn't pay the price that it is at the drugstore, which is like 7-8 dollars. Go to Family Dollar and you can buy it for half the price!

Ty P.
smells like medicine

I loved this foundation becuase it was very light .... it almost felt like i was applying wter on my face ... it wasnt clogging and it last all day ... i used a little concealer and a finishing powder on top because my face felt so naked using the liquid alone ... the only thing that made me self conscious about this product was the smell ... its was kinda like medicine and it was very off putting :( other than that it was good