Cheekers Blush

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Olivia K.

I love this! It gives me the color I was looking for! I can make it light or dark and it looks great! It would work for anyone and it just makes a classy look!

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Tania A.
unexpected HG!

I am very surprised by this blush. I have never been a fan of Covergirl, (I think the products just don't work well for me), but I have found a couple of gems and this is one of them. I have tried many brands of blushes and for a while the only one I could successfully work with was Bare Minerals blushes. But after leaving my comfort zone and seeing what other brands had to offer, I found this blush. I love the color, a warm pink with shimmer for my warm complexion, and I love the application. It is a sheer wash that you can build up, which is good for me because I can have a heavy hand especially with blush! The packaging is small, (another plus), and the price was great! This is definitely my go-to blush, especially when I travel.

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Ari M.

Sorry Covergirl, this just wasn't a success. I didn't have any problems with scent but I found my self scratching at the surface to see if the color was underneath. I just could not get any color to come out. But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, maybe I got a defect or maybe it isn't my shade.....

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Kalani F.
Best dupe for Estée Lauder rosewood blush

Love this the pigmentation is great, and it gives all skin color a nice glow I like to apply this with an angled brush and sweet it up from my apples to my cheekbones almost like a pinky bronzed look😋

Sophie N.

Great blush! It has a lot of pigment, but not to little too. I definitely recommend this product to young users like me. I feel like this color looks great on everyone.

Chelsea P.

I love this! Almost every color works for me! An the bronze looks great in the summer just blend in well an look like the pros I like the brush it comes with but I used mine for a better more blended look I like the smell(:

Adrianne A.

I love Most of the shades, I use one or Two Everyday, The lighter ones i Use As a Highlight sometimes, But they Are The Best Blush ive Tryed & owned By Far, i Buy them Again & Again,TRY IT IF YOU HAVNT You will Fall in love <3

Teia B.

I also like using this on my cheeks. Because it will give me this "embarressed / shy" look. It also helps bring out my "Goddess Glow" look that I am going for when I'm out to a gathering, so when I smile, everyone can see my glow.

Sierra B.
Great affordable blush

I love this blush! I use it everyday, and sometimes prefer it over my beloved Mary Kay Apricot Breeze blush. Great price, and lasts long. The little brush that comes with it sucks though...I use a E.L.F. brush to apply it. I would totally try this out, if you haven't yet. :)

Cynobia T.

I always try to keep a peach blush as part of my natural make-up look or for a glow to my skin. I had rimmel but found they no longer make the shade I loved so much anymore. I found this at the drugstore bought it and now love it, I found my new peach blush.