Cheekers Blush

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Sarah H.

Love this blush! But I don't like the little brush that comes with it I use a blush brush or a powder brush great color with a rosy look! :)

Ana B.
Lacks consistency in quality

The first blush I bought had okay pigmentation. It didn't last long on the cheeks, but it gave me a nice rosy glow. It was a satin finish, and I really didn't mind the scent the a lot of people mention. But the second time I bought this, the product itself was very stiff and had NO pigmentation. I had to literally dig my brush in several times just to get ANY color on the brush and on my cheeks. I had to layer it on because it was just so sheer. I'm guessing it was a bad batch.

Olivia K.

I love this! It gives me the color I was looking for! I can make it light or dark and it looks great! It would work for anyone and it just makes a classy look!

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Kalani F.
Best dupe for Estée Lauder rosewood blush

Love this the pigmentation is great, and it gives all skin color a nice glow I like to apply this with an angled brush and sweet it up from my apples to my cheekbones almost like a pinky bronzed look😋

Pamela K.
Average but does the job

I don't use the brush it comes with but I have noticed you need a bit of product before it really picks up onto the skin. Kind of fades after a few hours.

Sierra B.
Great affordable blush

I love this blush! I use it everyday, and sometimes prefer it over my beloved Mary Kay Apricot Breeze blush. Great price, and lasts long. The little brush that comes with it sucks though...I use a E.L.F. brush to apply it. I would totally try this out, if you haven't yet. :)

Julianne J.
Want to try other shades

After thinking about these on and off for awhile I was happy to spot one in the marked down cosmetic bins at the grocery store. I saw Snow Plum, which was a little cracked, and didn't think about how light and shimmery it would apply-true to color. (Wasn't looking for a highlighter blush, wanted something more pigmented). I kinda dumbly selected it (no other shades to select) and was surprised to find its a great dupe for one of my go to powder highlighters- the Physician's Formula powder palette mineral glow pearls in Translucent. So, I'm glad I have a smaller, more travel friendly dupe, but I kinda wish I could have found a different shade that was also marked down. Snow Plum is a frosty, opalescent highlighter pink, nothing plum about it, for the record! Its a nice, shimmery, cool toned highlighter- and would make a great h.l. on the eyes. So I do like it, I just need to justify snagging a few other shades!

Cynobia T.

I always try to keep a peach blush as part of my natural make-up look or for a glow to my skin. I had rimmel but found they no longer make the shade I loved so much anymore. I found this at the drugstore bought it and now love it, I found my new peach blush.

Sophie N.

Great blush! It has a lot of pigment, but not to little too. I definitely recommend this product to young users like me. I feel like this color looks great on everyone.

Felicia S.
Great Drugstore Blush

Hands down, these are my favorite drugstore blushes (other than E.l.f studio, but that's only available at Target or online)! That's all I need to say, really. GREAT color selection and good pigmentation. Yay CoverGirl!