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Browshaper & Eyeliner


Amanda K.
More than dry

I'm still on the hunt for a soft eyebrow pencil in "blonde" I came across these cover girl ones in a drug store a few months ago. 2 pencils a sharpener and for under 5 dollars? in blonde? I should have known it was too good! I didn't even wait until I was home to rip open the package I tried them right in my car and oh boy was it bad. While the color looked good in the pencil when I tried to swatch it on my hand I had to rub and press and PRESS to get it to show up, it was perhaps the most dry pencil I have ever come across. I gave them one more try on my actual brow thinking my oily skin might help it on, not so much once again terribly dry and almost painful to apply. I promptly threw them away.